Adam Currie was born in 1984 in Fairfield, Connecticut, Adam taught himself the guitar at the age of sixteen. Influenced by the songs of John Lennon, he soon started writing his own songs. Adam eventually sparked the interest of a record producer who took the project into Carriage House Studios to record Adam’s first CD for the indie Hey! record label. The first album consisted of ten of Adam’s original works and the Beatles’ “Dear Prudence”. While writing new material for future albums Adam played solo concerts and band dates throughout the East Coast, building a loyal fan base and promoting his debut album. His second CD, The Weight, features these new songs backed by a great band and produced by SethGlassman, a very accomplished musician and producer in the industry. Adam's music is best described by Neil Hedley a DJ on CT's 98.3 radio station saying that its so refreshing to hear such a talented musician with a great new sound that really has something to say.

All that we know

Sitting in my tree, your a silly boy to dream, thats all they've said to me in my life
Lying in the shade i'm drifting off again, and nothing really matters in my eyes.

Did you hear the news today everything's a crying shame
nothings right as far as I can tell.
But thats what we want to hear, all about the pain and fear, it aint a pretty picture but it sells.

All that we know 4x

Why did you fly away. I just wanted to play. let me know when your around agian.
where does the time go, surley someone knows I think the fastest time is the time we've spent

how are ya lonely girl, what ya doing with the world, glad to see you made it out alive,
is your spirit staying strong, my God its been too long, hows your life I guess I'm doing fine.

All that we know 4x

Is what we choose to see

(c) Adam Currie Publications ASCAP

Sweet Tooth

Me and my friends we dont care when people look when people stare.
Theres no way for us to know when the light began to show.

For everytime that I have smiled theres been two times that i've cried.
Right here is where it ends right before where it began to shine.

I oh I want you so why oh why don't you want me too
I oh I want you so why oh why don't you want me too

sweet tooth a candy cane calms the soul and heals the pain
demons that can't be heard tell there lies in other words

We've all heard the song that the piper plays at the gates of dawn
its a game of kings and queens and rooks and pawns and you and me

I oh I want you so why oh why dont you want me too
I oh I want you so why oh why don't you want me too

(c) AdamCurriePublicationsASCAP

I knew it all along

I really don’t expect for you to understand

It’s not I feel I have to try the best that I can


Is just like the way, we’re walking in the fall

And I would sit to play, sit to play my songs

I knew what you’d say I knew it all along

I really don’t expect for you, to feel so bad

Its not as hard as it seems, to live with what I have

Cus I see me train and its right on time

Ive got to carry on dear friends, at least I have to try


Its just like the way, were walking in the fall
and I would sit and play, sit and play my songs
i knew what you'd say
i knew it all along


Outro I knew it all along 4x

Adam Currie Publications © ASCAP

Waiting for you

Sometimes I walk these empty streets and sing your song
I tell myself its over now and I can move along
This road I chose just leads me on and keeps me so confused
Yeh it seems like all I really am doing, is looking for you.

Sometimes the seasons change so fast I cant catch up
I find myself daydreaming about the past and what it was
It’s days like these I ask myself who I am trying to fool
Cause it seems like all I really am doing is lying for you

I never thought id be the one to walk alone
I never thought the sunshine would chill me to the bone
Now I have myself to blame but I guess that’s how it goes
Yeh well everything I knew, I should have known.


People ask me all the time why I let you slip away
I just scratch my head and think of something I can say
Its questions like these I cant take cause my answers aren’t true
Yeh it seems like all I really am doing, is waiting for you.

Waiting for you (repeated)

© Adam Currie Publications, ASCAP

All I need to get by

Went down to sono thought I’d have drink or two

Ran into timbo said he’d kick it for a few

We Tried to catch the ghosts of the world we used to know

Till he said its much too late now its time for me to go
Crossed early morning with a tune upon my lips

I realized that it don’t get much better than this , and I was singing


This is all I really need to get by

This is all I need to get by 2x

I met a crazy girl who made me stop and smile

She said Im all alone can ya stay with me awhile

The time we shared seem to go by way too fast
And I’d do anything just to make it last , I had her singing

Chorus 2x

Standing at the station I was looking down empty tracks

Thinking which one takes me forward and which one takes me back
An old man came up to me and pointed at a sign, it said
the train don’t stop here boy till

You make up your mind, I started singin

chorus 2x (a cappella),
chorus 2x out end on G

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