musician, songwriter, producer, rocket scientist, program manager, paterfamilias

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musician, songwriter, producer, rocket scientist, program manager, paterfamilias

adam's solo debut, "little boy", chronicles a deeply personal account of discovery, grieving, and acceptance of the autistic condition. "little boy" is a powerful, intense, and distinctive showcase of emotion and musicianship to call attention to the mystery of autism.

the diagnosis of adam's son with autism was a traumatic and life-changing event, but also a catalyst to immerse himself back into the joy of writing music. "little boy" is the result of adam's 21st-century renaissance - and the foundation of a national public relations campaign to raise autism awareness through music.

"little boy" is an example of adam's introspective and personal writing style. he blends progressive-influenced melodies, rhythms, and textures into tight and unexpected arrangements. the result is a refreshing sound that features expressive vocals and solid musicianship.

adam also assumes the role of producer - responsible for engineering, recording, arranging, and mixing in his home studio. he relies on objective, golden ears for final mastering.

adam's influences include Kevin Gilbert, Fish, Roger Waters, Marillion, Trevor Rabin, Jason Falkner, Rush, Steve Morse, Owsley, Neil Finn, dada, Joe Satriani, The Police, Michael Penn, Francis Dunnery, Peter Gabriel, Genesis, Tori Amos, Animal Logic, and Eric Johnson.

adam is currently working on a full-length CD due to be released in 2008.

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