Lakoste J. Blakely Aka Adakid is a Floridian born and raised in Jacksonville FL.
He started out doing secular music but after giving hislife to the lord Lakoste became driven by God and began to experience the infinitewisdom and power of God.

God spoke to Lakoste one day when he came to the alter andtold him that he has a royal blood line and greatness is in store for him.

Lakoste Aka Adakid has always had a great business mindset. Hebegan to distribute and set up event's through the city under his own label backin 2006 and has been Passionate ever since.

Lakoste J. Blakely Aka Adakid is now using his musical gift'sfor the lord and is now a member of Redemption Outreach Ministries Internationalunder the leadership of Bishop Dr. Elisha L. McCrary and Pastor Melissa D. McCrary.

Adakid's Bio

My name is Adakid I'm from Jacksonville Fl. I got the name Adakid freestyling with my God brother one day when I was just starting out. Adakid really means advocate. I just put my own swag with it and made my own word. I am a gospel rapper. The message I want to give through music is that Jesus is Lord and we need to prepare for the arrival of the almighty God. I have been doing music since 2003. In 2-5 years I see myself ministering to the nations either on national television or across the world.

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