Ace Reign, born April D. Winston, on April 10, 1984 is an American Producer/Songwriter/Rap artist from Washington, DC. She began her career as a songwriter by capturing the details of life as her streets unfolded themselves before her.
Ace was more determined to remain true to herself and make timeless music. As a result, her music is not just about creating something that people can sit back, enjoy and bop their heads to, but she uses her passion for music as a tool to share her life struggles and experiences that others can relate to. "Making music is a way to vent my thoughts and emotions without making myself vulnerable to others. Its an outlet. My music enables me to reach people near and far in a positive share my thoughts and motivate others in some way." She hopes that people benefit from the good quality that her music provides and it will break barriers that are normally imposed on female hip-hop artists.
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