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Singer, songwriter, dancer, actress, Abby Lynn does it all. Abby's list of accomplishments is quite impressive.

Let's start from the beginning, Abby Lynn has been singing since the age of three, harmonizing with one of her favorite groups, The Supremes. Her parents noticed immediately that she had talent and a genuine love for music. Through her school days Abby appeared as the lead in the musicals, excelled in chorus and competed in the NISMA competition and scored the highest in the vocal category.

After Lynn's School day was over she would take the train into Manhattan to audition, study voice, dance and acting. After several modeling and commercial jobs, - ("ATARI" " Easy Spirit Sneakers") Abby decided to leave New York and work with her first bona-fide band, "JAIL BAIT". Jail Bait propelled Abby to the Star Search Finals and eventually led her to the beginning of her recording career.

Abby was discovered performing with the three-girl group, Jail Bait. Abby's contributions to the group included lead singing, writing, recording and choreography. The response Abby received as so positive that she branched out on her own to pursue a solo career. She was contacted by well-known producer Raul A. Rodriguez (David Bowie, Shannon), to sing on a soundtrack for an independent film. Abby continued working with Raul and demoed several songs written and composed by her. Within two months, Abby Lynn signed her first recording deal with Atlantic Records. She released a self written and composed dance song called "Play With Me," that charted top twenty on BILL BOARD's dance charts. Abby then decided to expand her previous vocal style, from a Miami Sound to a more Hip Hop R&B dance sound by collaborating with song writer, Alexandra Forbes ("Don't Rush Me" - Taylor Dayne, "Too Turned On" - Alisha) Abby then moved on to a new Producer Steve Kourlas who took interest in her style of music. Steve and Abby soon landed a new record deal with Mic Mac Records, Inc. and released a self composed top ten
Dance radio hit song on 103.5. "No More Tears". This song played 5 times a day ON New York radio and played on radio stations in Miami, Boston, Pennsylvania and Texas. Abby Lynn performed down south and up and down the east coast doing a self choreographed show with two dancers and a roller skater. In addition, Abby Lynn appeared on National Television on the famous Club MTV in New York.

She was contacted by Andy Marvel producer songwriter (Diana King and Celine Dion) to write songs for artists, film and commercials. Abby's song "A Place for You" landed a deal with Sony Music on Lizette Melendez's album. Abby Lynn continued to write for many up and coming artists.

Now Abby Lynn is back with her new CD entitled "Make You Mine". The CD reflects Abby's new style and energy. Co- written and produced with accomplished producer Carlyle Bariteau (he appears on background vocals). Don't miss out on this dance-pop-R&B flavor experience..

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