With the recent release of her Chinese Pop CD "Dream", Singer/Songwriter Aasha is becoming an international pop sensation. Her music is a mix of styles from pop, dance and R&B, and is performed in Chinese and English, giving it that unique international flare. She has already had 5 singles ranking in the MP3 Pop Top 40, even out ranking major label superstars such as Madonna. Aasha has twice been voted as the "#1 Hot Artist" on Asia's largest music sites and was selected by Universal Music Group as the "MP3.com Babe". She is the first artist to have Chinese songs in the US Top 40 Pop Charts and the first Caucasian artist to write produce and perform Chinese Pop music. Aasha's album is now available on www.towerrecords.com (Search term: Aasha) and www.cdbaby.com/aasha. Downloads can be purchased at Apple's www.itunes.com (Search term: Aasha). Keep your eye on this exciting artist as she quickly moves into the international spotlight!

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News Articles:
"Sina News" Beijing 2002
Xuxule Music & Entertainment China 2002
CSOnline -China 2003
My Music-Hong Kong 2001
"Sina News" Taiwan 2002
"YN China Infonet" -China 2002
"San Jose News Press" California, USA 2002
"SIna News" Hong Kong 2002

-Selected as "MP3.com Babe"
-Named "#1 Hot Artist" on Asia's Soundbuzz.com (two times)

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As a beautiful, blonde Chinese pop sensation with songs outranking those of major label artists and a fan base of over a billion people worldwide, Aasha is predicted to be one of the first Independent Solo Pop Artists to go Platinum. Aasha is a one-of-a-kind Recording Artist, taking an East meets West approach to her music by mixing Western style Pop, Dance, R&B & Hip-Hop with an exotic Asian vibe and Chinese/English lyrics (what she calls "Chinglish"). She is the first Caucasian Artist to write, produce and record Chinese pop music and the first Artist to have Chinese pop songs rank in the US Top 10 Pop Charts. With the release of her Chinese/English Album, "Dream," she is strategically set to take on the world’s largest markets and has already attained chart-topping results with 5 singles from her album charting in the Top 10 on US and International Charts. She has been voted #1 "Hot Artist" on Asia’s largest Music site and was selected by Universal Music as the "MP3.com Babe." Aasha's music has become so popular that it is now being played on MTV & VH1.Aasha has accumulated a large U.S. and international fan base with thousands of intrigued viewers flocking to her site, www.aashamusic.com. She has been featured in articles throughout the world and her music can be heard in upcoming feature films and TV Series. Recently she made a guest appearance on MTV Asia and Taiwan HSN. Her unique story has generated much interest and there is now a documentary in production about Aasha’s career as a Chinese Pop Artist.Aasha is set to release a new version of her "Dream" CD with new tracks, remixes and celebrates the Chinese "Year of The Dog" with part of the proceeds from CD sales being donated to Animal Charities.

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