I am into sound therapy and how the vibration moves thru my body.
Science tested above all other instruments that the human voice is the most healing to other humans.
So I opt for layers of vocals when it doesn't take away from the simplicity of the song.
I try to combine keys, cords, orchestrated parts geared to sound therapy. To the healing of emotions through the chakras, the healing through the sounds.
So I find I go all over the place, traveling back to the origins of that sound in my mind.
But now to get it down for others to hear is a whole other story. I'll keep trying till I get it write/right.
Seeking Divine Inspiration Zagia

It is about the Music.

I train on saxophone 1970-1977.
Took honor at state in 1977 woodwind choir and the high school jazz band.
We opened for Dave and Sugar, Loretta Lynn and Ronnie Milsap at the County fair in 1977 and played for Presidents Fords re-election speech in 1976.
Got my first guitar in West Berlin Germany from sign at the local speck easy outside of Andrews Cascern.
I worked as a disc jockey live for moral support and division. I wanted to know what it was about music that made people cry in there beer or dance on the tables. I toyed with the solders manipulating the music and the mood. I kept them on the floor, forgetting their troubles and the bar keeps loved it.
I had a very bad incomplete spinal cord injury in 1977. By 1990 I was loosing my legs, 3 1/2 months no movement. It was then I took sound therapy serious.
I wrote "when the Lights Dance on The Floor" in an attempt to heal the nerves damaged in my back.
It took 2 months of singing, but it was working. Within two weeks I could move my feet and two months I could walk. I was sold on sound therapy. It changed my life. I yet walk today.
I worked up to two hour shows of my own music.
In 1999 the spine in my body slide off the tailbone inside, the scar tissue on the nerves kept the spine from shearing the nerves, I was lucky. This time autonomic dysreflexia became a huge issue. It seems with pressure changes internal or external can cause systems shut down due to damage to the parasympathetic and sympathetic nervous systems. Like deep sea divers or altitude climbers the pressure shifts threw a bonsai spine can create serious life threatening conditions.
Em and sound can make this condition worse or better depending on its use.
Spinal cord injuries cause internal issues. One vegal nerve heart attack at 50 and a stroke to the lung at 51, circulation complications from paralysis.
I wrote Love our Life Around during recovery. It took me 7 months to retrain my lung to sing again.
I wish to mentor in sound therapy, put it out there. This knowledge needs be shared.
My two hour shows are over now, but I try to hit an open mic to test out a new song if I can.
I may have been knocked down and benched for a while but i am back in the game and I'm in it to win.

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