Young Soulja The Realest (YSTR) is an American Pop / Hip Hop major recording artist that has a number of accomplishments. He was first recognized on a major level when he released his major release "Well Connected" mixed and hosted by DJ ILL WILL which featured an exclusive from R.Kelly. The release landed over 1 million free downloads off the internet by unique users. Next he featured in new major motion picture with "Ja Rule" entitled "I'm In Love WIth A Church Girl" set to be released October 18th 2013 . YSTR kept the hype going when he went on tour with a bunch of household names such as Ray- J, Big Sean, Tyga , E-40, Paul Wall, Ruban Studdard and many more. Young Soulja is taking over the internet with whopping numbers of 1.3 Million myspace plays. Reference: ( YSTR's fanbase has spread not only in the U.S. but international. He has tracking sales from places like Australia, Japan , South Africa, and South America. His following is constantly
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Clean Clean

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