Vincent has been writing songs since early 1965. These are just a few projects recorded with Friends and Multi Tracking. We will be adding new and old songs for your enjoyment and entertainment. a few of the bands we have established over the years were The Savages, The Tunesmiths, Thrush, The Ground Floor, Sylvanite, The Wreck Room Band just to name a few. We started recording with a reel to reel progressing up to a TEAC 3340S then to ADAT and DAW.
Our preferred tool currently being the ADAT to DAW. We are registered with BMI and the songs are availble to be covered, just contact us.
Thanks Much!
Vincent Legut


Ronald Arduini
over 30 days ago to Vincent And Friends

Vincent, Thanks for reviewing "Lordy Lordy" recorded about 35 years ago.. And it's definitely not Lounge music!!!Well maybe the last song played when you want everyone to get the hell out!!
Teac 3340!! My first 4 track machine,, then the Fostex 8 track.. then etc...Again,thanks for taking the time to listen.

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Clean Clean

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