Everybody is born with a mouth, but not everybody is born with the mouthpiece. I take what the people are thinking and I say it over tracks to be the voice of the streets. My biggest attribution/ contribution to the industry would be making sure to ALWAYS involve my city ex: in videos or radio play or interviews I make sure to incorporate other artist that are my affiliates with my spotlight isn't just my spotlight it's for EVERYONE that I truly stand by so that we come up as a team & not just as an individual! I take pride in being Reliable, determined, hardworking, focused, trend setting, versatile, dedicated to family, fearless, ......representing the heart of Titusville which is a strong bond and family mentality. Soulful sounds.

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Vassae has taken his music to the next level in these past few months. Landing a video on Worldstarhiphop.com, also obtaining a cameo inside of the New King of comedy @Spokenreasons and artist Two. Releasing single after single in video format excluding any denial that his presence isn't gonna be effective and felt. He stopping at nothin to display his talent with help and support from his amazing team Team Demo-ville.

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Tavares Hawkins has been able to grasp the attention of others starting from an early age and has been recognized as a leader. Going by the stage name Vassae, he has been putting his touch to the musical arts since his early adolescent years. Vassae and longtime friend Big Perm would ultimately form a group known as "2 Tears in a Bucket" which reached local success. However, the group eventually dissolved and Vassae would continue to push on as a solo artist. Vassae's discography includes 2 Tears In A Bucket's first album, three solo mixtape compilations entitled "Lil City On Fire Volumes 1-3" along with a countless number of hot singles and features. Vassae recently released his latest solo album entitled: "In These Streets," which is available on all major digital retailers such as iTunes and Amazon. Vassae is a Facebook and Twitter junkie. Social media has enabled him to reach new heights and opportunities. While sharing the stage and networking with some of Florida's hottest artists, Vassae has made a brand name for himself with countless recordings under his belt. In addition, Vassae has been groomed by one of Brevard County's finest production and engineering teams at Demo-ville Recording Studios in Titusville, FL. Pro-Moe & Tommy Jr. have helped mold Vassae's sound over the years which can catapult him to the next level. Vassae has been featured on numerous radio stations through his work in the industry. Appearing on major broadcast stations such as 102 JAMZ and WJFP 93.9 only added fuel to the fire. Therefore, his focus resides on making timeless hits and continuing to strive for legendary status

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