TransPonder are a transatlantic writing & recording collaboration between guitarist/bassist Gary Franklin (Knivsta, Sweden), Chicago-based drummer Dan Van Schindel and keyboard player Ron Caruana (Palm Harbor, Florida). After first starting writing and recording together in 2002, TransPonder are still making great instrumental rock music together, with lots of classic rock and progressive influences.

We haven't actually met in person, but thanks to the miracle of modern digital recording technology and the good old internet, we haven't let a little thing like a couple of thousand miles of ocean stop us from collaborating and producing songs - WAVs over the waves, you might say :-)

Latest News

February 2013

Check out the completely new remix of an older tune, "Elephant Waltz" that Dan and I recorded quite some time ago. This was recorded before Ron joined the band, so it includes me pretending to be a keyboard player on my old Roland GR-33 guitar-synth! This is kind of our tribute to Rush :-)

Look out for an all-new TransPonder tune in 2013! The basic tracks are already written & recorded, but we still have some work to do.


Similar Artists

"Similar" maybe isn't the right word, but there are certainly particular artists that inspire us: Rush, Yes, Dream Theater, Satriani, Zeppelin, Sabbath, Spock's Beard etc


All good rock music through the ages, although it could be said that the 1970s & 1980s are particularly strong influences!


TransPonder is:
Gary Franklin (Knivsta, Sweden): guitars & bass
Dan van Schindel (Barrington Il, USA): drums & percussion
Ron Caruana (Palm Harbor Fl, USA): keyboards
Gail Adam (Knivsta Sweden) & Derek Cameron (NJ USA): guest vocalists

Songs are arranged & produced by TransPonder

The band was formed in November 2002 when Dan mailed me in response to some solo instrumental songs I had recorded at home and put out on the web. Having been afflicted with the Curse of the Drum Machine, I was overjoyed to be able to work with a great drummer at last and we started writing and recording together, albeit from opposite sides of the Atlantic ocean. Just under a year later, Ron offered his keyboard services to the project and the current line-up was forged. We have been getting to know each other musically and evolving our long-distance collaboration methods, and now we feel like we are making progress.

The latest song, "WellSpring" was released in December 2013.

Listen to what we have done together and let us know what you think!

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