Chairman & Co-CEO : Highrollas International Records and Distribution
Chairman/CEO & Owner: Quantize Music Group
Owner/Producer: Traccave Entertainment
Twank Williams is the "NEXT BIG THING" to hit the Music Industry!!!
With the Arrogance and swagger of Kanye West, the focus of Russell Simmons and Dame Dash, a delivery meshed with the likes of
Jay-Z, Lil Wayne, and Ludacris, and not leaving out the production versatility of the Neptunes,Timbaland,and Lil Jon;
This New School Artist is certainly not afraid off pushing the limits.
Currently Co-Executive Producing the Debut album by Highrollas International Artist/Producer/co-Ceo JD ARMELIN,
Twank Williams Will then set the stage for his highly anticipated release "Window Paint" and The Launching of the Quantize Music Group.

Who is Twank Williams

"From a small town in Louisinana to the capital city of the World!!"
best describes the journey imbarked upon by Twank Williams just a few years ago.
Growing up in an area where the big cities influenced the small towns easily,
Twank Williams at the age of 15 years old introduced the do-it yourself or make your own beats idea in his small community in Westlake,La.
Known in and around his city specifically for his musical production talents and music buisness knowledge, Twank williams moved up from the bottom of the social totum pole with only musical notes as his weapon.
Starting Massive Largg Entertainment dubbed MLE back in late 1994 with only a
cheap karaoke machine and a drum machine, the then shy Twank Williams gathered up all the local talent he could find starting off with friend Anthony"Krazy A"Augusta and Bobby"Kaos"Randolph to start the group 318 troops.
While creating a seemingly effortless buzz around neighboring towns and hoods, Twank Williams was looked at as the way out by many starving young rappers whom would hear the name of the young producer as the would pass through towns promoting their talents.
Twank Williams latter became extremely anti-social due to the lack of motivation, mental stress, along with the constant weight of the failures, and negative energy of his surroundings in which latter resulted in him fading to a promising memory.
In late 1999, Twank Williams in a bold and spontaneous move, ran away from home and acquired his own apartment in the bigger neighboring city of
Lake Charles with a few other friends whom were all tired of the rules of their hous holds. With a Newly named company called Highrollas International already in
progress and new artist set to put Twank Williams the producer back in the spotlight,
in another bold and spontaneous move, Twank Williams left town to make a career in Atlanta,Ga. where 2 years earlier his mentor tried at a spot on the production team for SoSO Def Recordings. Even latter with a 4 month stint as a mail room intern at new record label Def Jam South, Twank Williams was unable to avoid being cut during the company downsizing. Latter realizing that he did not take advantage of the once in a life time oppertunity for the rising Label, Twank Williams reached his climax and became a social ghost, sleeping in his car and ashamed to go home and face his family with the dissapointing news.
Twank williams returned to Louisiana six-months latter with a goal set to regroup, save money and hit the city one last chance; But not befor calling then Hip Hop artist JD Armelin a peace of the pie by making him Ceo of Highrollas Interntional and it's Marquee Artist.

Highrollas international was then set up to be relaunched in Atlanta,Ga. with a new member named Van Jackson taking the position of Vice President. With new material and a new outlook on life the trio were able to produce and release a short run EP back home in Louisiana that sold like hot cakes!! Whilst this was all taking place, The Highrollas ran for the biggest brake oppertunity in New York City for the chance to be part of P.DITTY's Making the band 2. If sleeping in a car in the biggest city of the world didn't of set the Highrollas, then four-thousand rappers,Dj's,and singers should have done the trick, but with talent and dedication, they managed to last until the last thirty artist were called. "You are Cut"
Although the celebrity treatment and free expensive hotel room stay came to an end, they continued on, but not before moving back to Atlanta, splitting up then regrouping back in New Jersey where a new story and new adventures altogether began to take place.

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