Take Ray Charles' Soul, Jimmy Buffett's wit, Cat Steven's, James Taylor's, Gordon Lightfoot's voices, throw in a 3-time BMI Award Winning Songwriter's talent, stir the pot well over medium heat, and you have Tirk Wilder.
Tirk doesn't play out much anymore (been there, done that), but when he DOES, it's an EVENT, and YOU, if you join the mailing list, will be the FIRST to know about it. To join the email list, hit the "Contact" button above and send a message to Tirk to have him include you in. You may even get a personal response from Tirk himself.
We'll also let you know when Tirk begins his online concert series, which is now in frantic development. It will be carried around the world, including China, which is where Tirk just got back from.
Best stay tuned, folks...
Tirk Wilder is a producer, singer, songwriter, musician (guitar, bass, keys), entertainer and booking agent.

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Tirk returns from CHINA. He spent 17 days over there teaching English to Chinese high schoolers, and played them a bunch of music along the way. "They treated us like we were the Beatles or something," Tirk says.
A song written by Tirk and co-writer Lucas P. Gravell appears on ABC's 20/20. "It was really cool hearing something we produced playing behind Diane Sawyer's opening on a network show," Tirk says.


Tirk shared his creativity and success worldwide when he wrote the theme song for the mega-hit CBS television show, "Walker Texas Ranger", starring Chuck Norris. The song was debuted by Tirk and Chuck Norris live on CBS TV from Billy Bob's in Ft. Worth, Texas. For this composition, titled "The Eyes Of The Ranger", Tirk won the prestigious BMI TV Music Award in three consecutive years.
Tirk Wilder is a successful signer/songwriter and entertainer. On the heels of a record contract with RCA Victor, he appeared on stage with such greats' as Jerry Lee Lewis, Diana Ross and The Supremes, The Syndicate of Sound ("Hey, Little Girl"), Willis Allen Ramsey ("Muskrat Love"), Dickie Betts (lead guitar player of the Allman Brothers), Black Oak Arkansas, David Allen Coe, Earl Thomas Conley, and many others. Tirk was featured numerous times as guest artist with CO-host Mary Hart, now of "Entertainment Tonight". In addition to many solo performances, he toured throughout the country as keyboard player for country music sensation, Toby Keith.
Tirk's CD contains the original and uncut version of "The Eyes Of The Ranger", along with ten other songs, including the widely acclaimed "Mississippi Delta Queen", "Zihuatanejo", and "Darker Shade of Blue". "Darker Shade of Blue" is now featured in an independent movie called "The Vision", produced by Sole Productions.
Born in Syracuse, New York, raised in Columbus, Indiana, Tirk has lived and performed in such diverse places as New Orleans, Los Angeles, Oklahoma City, OK, and Taipei, Taiwan. He now resides in Nashville, Tennessee where he is an active Pro Member of the Nashville Songwriters' Association International and the Songwriter's Guild. Tirk continues to share his talent and expertise through independent projects, his song critique service, and songwriting seminars.


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Oskar Christian
over 30 days ago to Tirk Wilder

hi tirk thanks for your commend a while ago, but somehow broad jam canceled your commend, do you know how this is possible ? greetings from oskar christian

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