Thomas Geelens is an up and coming singer/songwriter who effortlessly creates a blend of styles or eras with elements of pop, folk, dance, country, and rock woven throughout his music.

So far his catalogue includes the studio singles: Other Side, 30, Morning Light, Bullet from a Gun, I Wish (That I Could Show You), Not Our Fault, Blue Eyes, Blonde Hair, I'm Gone, Runaways.

It was Thomas' 10 day visit to New York, USA, that inspired him to begin writing lyrics and singing more seriously. Since then he has been working to write and perform his own music. His inspiration in the music world is American singer-songwriter John Mayer because of his sound and authentic approach to music. He also likes Jason Mraz, Ed Sheeran, Axl Rose of Guns N' Roses, Mark Knopfler, Patrick Droney, The Script, Don Henley of the Eagles, George Michael, and Colton Avery.
Thomas is drawn to strong male vocals and soulful lyrics and aspires to incorporate those in his own work.
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