Stonewall Towery is the songwriter/producer known all over the world as Stoneman. He's an accomplished and much awarded artist who has demonstrated an uncanny ability to keep in time with the ever changing styles of music.

As a songwriter Stoneman has written hundreds of songs in 12 musical genres. To date, Stoneman has had 53 songs signed to a variety of European Publishers and 48 commercial releases. He has also produced and released 6 solo CD's on his own label "Hands Up Records".

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Hi Mike,

Great! Thanks for selecting my song.

Title: Feels Like Saturday Night
Publisher: (Me) Tower Of Stone Publishing
Stonewall Towery aka Stoneman (ASCAP)


Well, lets see, I could tell you about my recent 1st place win in the Unisong International Songwriting contest . Or, I could mention all the other International songwriting contests I have won like Billboard, Song Of The Year etc. But no, I'm not going to go there. I won't even talk about my 40+ years in the music industry and the over 500 songs in 12 genres I have written and produced. No. I'll pass on that too . After all, it all seems a bit egotistical when I talk about all that stuff. Yeah thats the ticket, I don't want to come off as an egotist!

Instead, let me talk a bit about my artistic take on things. See I believe that everybody is a star in someone elses eyes. Even if its only their mother. But more importantly, none of us are really better than others. Were all out here writing, singing, performing, arranging and producing because we love what we do. Well, at least I know thats how it is for me. Yeah, thats the ticket. I do it for the love!

However, I do love to hear other artists creations. I love the uniqueness of each style and I applaud artist achievements whenever I come in contact with it. Yeah, thats the ticket, I love to see other artists succeed and to write great reviews for them!

Someone once asked me what was the difference in an artist and a musician. My answer was that they are both the same with the exception of one thing. Most musicians get off on playing. Artists tend to get off on creating new styles of play and new dimensions to their art. Some musicians are also artists like that. Yeah, thats the ticket, Some artists are musicians and some musicians are players in the arts.

I am one of those people that believes in artistic freedom. Although I have made my living in the R and B /Jazz genres, don't make me stay there. I like to do metal, Reggae, Gospel, Rock, Dance, Electronic, Soul, Jazz and occasionally even some country. Yeah, Thats the ticket. I must have artistic freedom!

Why? Because its all art to me. It all has its own uniqueness that begs to be deciphered, disected and then revolutionized. Yeah, thats the ticket. I am here to revolutionize music. Viva La Revolution! Power to the artists who dare to go where others claim they don't belong. Let The Music Play!


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