I have been a semi professional musician for more years than I can care to remember.
Had my first band when I was 15 playing guitar basically covering Pop songs "Three Dog Night" "Moody Blues" etc
At 17 joined a band playing "Deep Purple""Uriah Heep""Focus". The band needed a Keyboard player so off I went. First Organ was a "Tiger Echo" - sounded like a Buzz Saw. This was before synths were invented. Later on a purchased a Hammond L100 sold it and now have a B3/ Leslie for my home studio and have just purchased a KeyB Exp Module which I will run thru a Leslie 3300 for live work.
Years later I purchased the first Yamaha QX1 to come into New Zealand and set me off on programming songs which led into programming my own songs. Now using "Digital Performer" Lots of Soft synths and old rack mounted modules.

Have performed in Rock Bands, New Country Bands , Duos and Solo work.

I program/play all the instruments and all vocals are mine unless stated otherwise.
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