MOE-G is the new name for this now one man act after a collabortion between Studios SCDAS and Erock in Richmond Va. What was a two man show consisting of Bass player and Keyboard player. Both are lead and background singers as well as players . With well over 60yrs combined in the music field this duo (FEATURED ARTIST) bought to the listening ear a wide range of R&B, Soul, Jazz, Blues, and Gospel styles of music. Keyboard/lead vocalist George Chandler has two gospel Cd's that was done in his studio (SCDAS). George also has a son in the HIP HOP scene. Stage name is AKROBATIK. George lost his bass player to an untimely demis and is now solo as MOE-G


Jeffrey Osborne, Issac Hayes, Berry White, Rick James, James Brown, Gladys Knight, Ohio Players, Jerry Butler


Keyboardist/Vocalist/Studio/songwriter Over twenty years of musical experience Styles include Rock, R&B, Jazz, Blues, Soul, Gospel Writes, arranges, produces, and tech support.... One of Richmond's own. George is currently using his talents in the Gospel field. He is founder of {SCDAS/SCGP} Southern Com4t Digital Audio Studio / Southern Com4t Gospel Productions in Richmond Va. Doing gospel is not all the music he is doing. He has done Cds for a couple of the Richmond areas local talent. He also has a gospel cd out entitled Lift you from the waters. This cd has at least 3 original tunes in its song listing. Now he is in harmony with Ray (BASSMAN) Evans of E-rock music studios in Richmond Va. together they are the new Richmond act FEATURED ARTIST.
Instruments: Bongos, Bass guitar (Main AXE) Experience: 25 years Born Norfolk Va. Music styles consist of R&B, jazz, pop, rock.... Started music career with family group. And then on into playing with various local groups through out the Norfolk and Richmond area. Also performed in vocal group while in the U.S. navy aboard the U.S.S St Paul. Later he began to experiment in the studio and recording. Has played on several studio projects for several different recording artist. Currently performing with one of the Richmond areas most talented groups (Mirage). Has done back up for the Coasters and the Marvelletts through East coast entertainment

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