"An imaginative exploration of affecting acoustic guitars, head-expanding lyricism blending with hi-tech bravado, and a liberal dose of some of the brightest harmonies your ears will ever absorb. There is joy in nearly every groove."

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"OHO's music maneuvers, folds and turns on itself exactly where it should...fascinating!"-Music Connection
"(UP) is a romantic, post-acoustic, lushly harmonic collection, having a wary, acid-folk edginess and often unpredictable lyrics." -The Washington Post
"Melodic and thoughtful power pop on this Maryland quintet's debut."-CD Review (Editors' choice favorite selection)
"Generating an irresistible urge to dance and sing, "UP" is a tight mesh of modern, melodic, crisp grooves with vocals that are clear, strong and seamless, amazing guitar work, and songs that are contagious. Watch out!" -University Reporter
"Imagine a modern Gentle Giant fused with Fleetwood Mac." -Progression
"OHO have the measurable parameters of success with stellar, unwavering vocals, crystalline production of the material, muscular rhythms and Jay Graboski's assiduous imagination."
"70's OHO is resplendent with progressive flourishes and maintains a surprising contemporary relevance."

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More than a rock group, OHO are an intellectual and artistic concept that, at various times, smothered in the provincialism of the North American Hinterland. The musicianship: top class, the music: penetrating, overdosed, blasphemous, oversexed, and progressive with genuine lyrical poetry as a fundamental cell of their mellifluous melodies. OHO sneaks around the musical conventions that have mummified so many others, unleashing sliders where you'd expect curve balls, fastballs where you'd expect changeups. Part of it's their sense of humor, part of it their unerring humanity. A curious anomaly, the band was totally out of sync with current musical trends when they formed in late 1973,a 5-piece multi-instrumental, avant-garde, acid-progressive band from Baltimore with an outlook that was either 7 years too late or 17 years too early. They remain enigmatic, but continue to create daring music under the umbrella of whichever genre they choose to explore. They recorded 3 albums from 1974-1976 (Okinawa, Vitamin OHO, and Dream of the Ridiculous Band). The 80's again brought them together to record Rocktronics, an EP of snappy electronic music which blended new wave sensibilities before a deftly textured backdrop. In 1990 the eponymously entitled OHO imaginatively explored the effect of post-acoustic guitars, with acid-folk edginess and trademark lyrical unpredictability.

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