Born and raised in Miami, Florida, Robert Elias is the future of latin music. With influences like George Michael, Queen and Aretha Franklin, Elias offers the latin public something very refreshing to the ears. Produced by David Elliott Johnson (DD Star Music) joined by Chris Alvy (HiFi-Sister) songwriter/guitarist.

Robert Elias BIO

Primed for the profession in the Latin heartbeat of Miami, Robert Elias, a self-diagnosed studio junkie, began singing demos at the age of 13. With a Cuban guitarist/songwriter father dedicated to classic rock and professional vocalist mother who favored Abba & Donna Summer, ironically he was raised in an atmosphere devoid of Latin music. All that salsa in the blood was not lost, however as Elias found his hips swiveled too freely for any ordinary rocker and through the encouragement of an influential piano instructor began to explore his captivation with the sounds of his heritage.

Robert?s ensuing pilgrimage found him tracing the past of his rhythmic origins to meld these two very different auditory worlds. Pairing with former professional Cuban baseball player, now songwriter Chris Alvy and platinum producer David Johnson in 2005, this insightful production team quickly recognized a rare natural talent of passion and voice which was far too gifted to be contained within the demo confines of studio walls.

Thus, began the inception of a Latin pop/rock sound which reaches for new extremes in dramatic panache; a collaborative canvas of compelling and infectious sonic arrangements. Robert?s songs are modern, yet nostalgic, romantic, but grooved with sharp electronic edges--a perfect marriage of happy, sunny days and thunderous, storm-inspired climactic vocals and hard-driving instrumentals. The smoothness of his velvet pile voice and sumptuous liquid textures combine harmonically with his bent for philosophical musings and resonate in a way not present in Latin or pop/rock as separate genres.

The vocal exploration of these honey-laced flavorings will be unveiled in his first, soon to be released album, a tantalizing blended buffet of Latin and English lyrics with melodies ranging from progressive rock to infectious Samba street party and sultry love ballads.


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