ROBERT REINERT: Shining Colors
Rob began playing trumpet at 8, influenced by his father. Won first place all 4 years in high school state contests, 1st-chair All-County Band. Officer & 1st-chair trumpet, Band Captain, Member "Tri M" (Modern Music Masters). Won the John Phillip Sousa Award for outstanding musician & still in the HS's Music Hall of Fame. Began guitar-songwriting at 18, formed "COVENTRY" playing the top clubs in Cleve.,OH and the east coast playing "Top 40" hits & Originals, Jammed with: Beach Boys, Marshall Tucker, Frankie Valli-4 seasons & Doobies

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I have just released a new song today! "What makes love" Please take a moment and enjoy the great sound.
Rob 11-30-09

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ROBERT REINERT: Shining Colors


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Rob began playing trumpet at the age of eight. Influenced by his father, who was a professional musician in Cleveland, Ohio and who had his own big band. Rob excelled at trumpet, winning first place in state contests every year for four years of high school, first chair all-county Geauga county, officer and first chair trumpet in high school, band captain senior year and a member of "Tri M" (Modern Music Masters). Rob won the John Phillip Sousa Award in his senior year for West Geauga's high school's recognition of outstanding musician. This remains mounted on the school's hall of fame. Rob began playing guitar and writing songs after high school, influenced by Dave Mason., Eric Clapton, the Allman Brothers, Carlos Santana,The Doobie Brothers, Loggins & Messina, and others. He, with Frank Castle, formed his first professional four piece band called "Coventry". Based out of the Cleveland, Ohio area. They played almost every hot spot night club in Cleveland and then began traveling the east coast playing the popular top forty hits along with several songs written by the band. They played the major hotel chains and clubs throughout the east coast. The band jammed with the Beach Boys, Marshall Tucker, Frankie Valli and the four seasons band and followed after the Doobie Brothers during their trips. The band was booked six months in advance and began building a following when it split up. Rob as the only remaining member continued with "Coventry" as a three piece band for the following eighteen months. Rob joined a show group called "Baby Grand" for the following six months quit traveling in 1978 but still plays and writes.

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