Ray grew up in a musical family. The oldest of three brothers, the product of a model mother and musician father. He and his brothers performed together as Akadmics for about ten years in metro Las Vegas, Atlanta, Los Angles, parts of Texas, Arizona and Arkansas. He recorded his first song he co-wrote with first cousins and brothers when he was 12 years old.
Now Ray as a conscious young Multicultural man, he wants his records to speak to his generation so he can connect with his audiences on multiple levels. His lyrics are inclusive, have depth and meaning and they explore life, family, love, war and many other issues from a place that his fans will easily relate. His newest project, Mind of a Millennial, is authentic to him and other young millennial men. The tracks represent a truth shown by few artists of today and they cross multiple genres making them marketable to a wide audience both domestic and internationally.
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Clean Clean

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