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Music has been a intricate prodigy of well known superstars such as The Neptunes, Pete Rock, Timberland, Rick Rubin, Ryan West, and Scott Storch. They have inspired me to utilize my skills in mastery in a perfective aspect. Allowing me to clash all types of varieties of sounds, from R&B to reggaeton, hip hop, pop, blues, rock, ect...
"A work of a producer is never done, whether or not you might have to trace back your roots of music from the beginning until now." "This is what I live, love, and breathe"... "NOTORIOUSLY!"
Born in Lawrence Mass. Rueben "P.O.R.D." Sutton matured his 1st harmonious trademark production style, when he bought a BOSS DR550 drum machine.
In 1996 P.O.R.D, attended college @ Massachusetts Communication College in Boston Mass ( which is now called The New England Institute of Art in Brookline Mass) majoring in Recording Arts.
From that point on "P.O.R.D" learned special skills in audio production, engineering, beat making, and programming. After that I immediately had began my musical journey by merging with a local Dj from New Bedford, Mass called DJ J STATIK. Eventually, creating our own label called " RABBID ROTTIE PRODUKTIONZ"
P.O.R.D says: "There is a lot more to producing beats then pressing pads and turning knobs." In college I took the initiative to intern at one of Boston's top recording studio's Waltz Audio under the wing of his mentor Pete "Boardz" PELOQUIN. Learning a variety of traits of engineering & production. While interning at Waltz Audio P.O.R.D sat in on sessions with M-Slash, J Sawn, Kreators, Reverend Lee Mitchell, Porn Theater Ushers, Umoja Entertainment, Strange Habitat, Krumb Snatcha, and Sonic.
Since multiple trials and tribulations I have successfully gained all the necessary creditability needed to built and with held my name.

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hi, hope you make me a connection. to celebrate my first year on broadjam and the opening of my new studio(check out the pics) i am offering two songs fully Mastered for FREE in wav and mp3 format. if you are interested, just get back to me and I will give you more details. so far over 40 broadjam members have taken me up on my offer in the past couple of weeks. thanks Dave-str.prouctions

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