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Aspiring to nothing more than a good, old-fashioned rock & roll party, Official Hot Mess won considerable media attention and a cult following after scoring their first record deal before even graduating high school. Kristy and Lindsey Landers seem unstoppable as they keep evoking people's amazement since the fantastic outcome of their debut album, "2 Girls- Fallin Angel', which went to the top of the charts throughout Asia, Australia, and parts of Europe.
They deliver captivating melodies, enchanting harmonies, and controversial lyrics which lead to their current, original music being featured on MTV's "The Hills", "The City", "My Super Sweet 16". ABC's "Grey's Anatomy", and FOX's "Dollhouse" to name a few.

Official Hot Mess is aspiring to make the music they love, and enjoy the crazy ride together; yet they also strive to create their own musical identity for other artists in years to come to follow the path of. This goal might seem lofty, but consider the artist: the girls, who at age 4, learned piano by ear, and performed the first song they ever wrote on PBS. By age 13, they had written their first original pop/rock song. At 14, they formed their first band and played venues across Florida. They managed to overcome the taunts and jeers of their classmates (at their public high school for the academically gifted), who couldn't see past SAT Scores and Ivy League entrance exams. Hence, their bratty high school delinquent image--which is clearly indebted as their songs concern themselves with mostly boys, parties, their perception of the superficial LA lifestyle, and the over dramatic antics of the "popular girls".

The multi-talented singer-songwriters have a flair for theatrics with a budding career in film and television as well. Over the course of the next few years, Kristy and Lindsey will become frequent fixtures in music, film, and television as they move up the entertainment mainstream ladder. They have a docu-reality series which will follow their careers as well as their crazy family life, and a scripted series in active development. With roles in the '09 comedy, "Kissing Strangers" with Andy Dick and lead roles in
David DeCoteau's enticing thriller, "The Brotherhood V: Alumni", Kristy and Lindsey are sure to prove their calling cards to Hollywood and turn more than a few heads.


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