NoocH, mastering the craft of poetic truth, exploding on the scene, as one of the world's most promising HIP-HOP artists. MOST HIGH RECORDS, NoocH's vehicle for global takeover, rooted in Portland, Oregon, is reaching heights of realistic rap, unheard of before.
NoocH originally from Sacramento, California brings an insight to urban ghetto life that is undeniably real with references to his hard mentality as a gang member from Valley Hi Piru, to more personal issues such as being the son of a pimp, and also the product of a drug dealing family... Nooch also delves into his life of being homeless on the streets of Redding, CA. as well as dealing with the loss of his son, who fell victim to S.I.D.S. at seven weeks old. Overall NoocH is here to stay. With a wide range of appeal he is able to captivate any audience. From Harcore gangsta music to sweet and seductive, NoocH does it all!!

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Yeah... Ya boy NoocH will be on tha radio... (99.1fm) in L.A., so make sure you call in your request and your comments... Also request ya boy via e-mail to...short-e@ for "A Million Ways" Thank you for your suppot... we can make this happen together... Also make sure you check out my myspace page... You
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