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JD Sinatra says he considers himself an artist, not necessarily a musician.He makes music as an expression!

Jd says

"I play music because I want to reach people that have been where I have been, and reach people with my music.My dream is to play in front of thousands of people, and give them a part of me"

JD Sinatra writes about people that have changed his life, and the things he has experienced.

JD has been performing for people since he was 12 years old, and traveled all over the country playing music. He says "I have met thousands of amazing people, andI have played music with hundreds of musicians, I will never give up on this passion because I love performing for people".

JD was born with Muscular Dystrophy, which made me that much more determined to get my message out that we must not give up.Even though his Muscular Dystrophy is getting worse, he keeps going and does not give up!

Music has always been a passion of JD'S since he was a kid. He says "I remember wondering as a kid why my dad abandoned my mother and me when I was born, and why her boyfriend would abuse us and my siblings". "I would play the piano to escape the confusion, music was always my healing method".

At age 13, JD was removed from his home for reasons that will be left unsaid. Taken out of a broken home, music became JD'S way of expressing what he was going through.He would spend up too eight hours a day playing the guitar and writing!

By the time he was 14, he had learned Hotel California on his acoustic, shortly after he began writing his own songs.

The first show JD played was for 30 people at a private school that he was attending. Shortly after he says, "I played at a show in Boston area for over 1000 people at a state convention. The feeling I got from perfoming at the time was something I never felt before"..H knew right away that he wanted to perform for people on a much larger level..

JD haS always striven to go to the next level with his music,and has never given up on his passion and dream. At age 15 JD taught himself how to play the electric guitar. The following year he lived On Hampton Beach, and started performing every chance that he had.

JD played for locals, and began playing at as many clubs, bars, and venues as he could.From ages 14 to 20 JD plated in 10 bands..He has played names such as Closure,Realize,Illusion,DoubleShot,desdevant,fallen,
cellar dweller,void,Inamorato,and THE Drunk Prophets..

At age twenty JD went to school for business and media, and joined the band Realize. they practiced every day, and played weekend shows for the students that were on campus. After they graduated, they went their separate ways which led johnny to decide to venture back to Hollywood yet again.

By the time JD was 22 he had already traveled around the country three times with just his backpack and his guitar pursuing his passion.

He Faced Homelessness,near death,living in and out of many ghettos,loosing many friend to drugs and alcohol. After nearly loosing his own life to drugs and alcohol, he has put that behind him.

Now at 23, Jd is now focused very strongly on his music, and is searching for a record label that will take him on board, so that he can really live out his passion..

Currently, he is recording a CD that will be finished within the next few months. We would appreciate your thoughts(good or bad) regarding his music. Any feedback you may have is important because this music is for the fans. We hope you enjoy it!


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