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Trademark & Copyright 1976: JAZZGRASS - The Original Founder
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Trademark & Copyright 2000: MusicScience - The Harmonic Code Of The Universe
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MusicScience posted over 30 days ago to MusicScience

I'm interested in creating a software program based on MusicScience.

MusicScience posted over 30 days ago

Abstract of Priority: MusicScience: THE HARMONIC CODE: Published Summer Solstice, June 21, 2011 by MusicScience, Copyright & Trademark by Alwyn Scott Turner. All Rights Reserved Pending Patents.


An Invention and System of Mathematical Physics derived from the Natural Harmonics of the Cosmic Code.


Announcing the Discovery of The Harmonic Code, Numerical Code, Decimal Code, Binary Code, Crack of the Prime Root System and the Harmonic Matrix Sequence of Prime Roots: in the Gravity Parallel Matrix, Codex Matrix of the Six Harmonic Triadal Quarks, Harmonic Rhythm & Triadal Progression of the Decimal Code, Triadal Code and Diatonic Code in the Chromatic Spectrum, and the Prime roots for the Velocity of Light, Planck's Energy Constant, Phonons & Photons, Hydrogen & Atomic Frequencies for Molecular Fusion, Harmonic Intervals of Unification of the Micro/Macro Cosmos, Harmonic Encryption of MagicSineWaves and Wave Vectors in Genetic Code Sequences of the DNA Molecule, Equilibrium of Angular Momentum and the Decimal Logarithmic Tangents of Three Dimensional Triadal Planes - Also, the Nature of Harmonic Conscious Thought, the Wave Mechanics of Levitation by the Astral Body and the Illumination of Cosmic Consciousness - In essence, The Universal Laws of Harmonic Physics in the Mathematical Unification of Time, Space & Motion. The Musical Composition which contains these discoveries: Variations On The Golden Theme - a patented invention of a numerical system, copyright and trademark: MusicScience.

Abstract of Priority: THE HARMONIC UNIVERSE - MusicScience: THE DECIMAL & TRIADAL CODE: Published on, November 11, 2011 (11.11.11) by MusicScience - TradeMark & Copyright by Alwyn Scott Turner. All Rights Reserved Pending Patents.


The Harmonic Code originates from the mathematical physics of the Decimal Code - which defines exact frequencies of vibration for harmonic intervals in the Chromatic and Diatonic Scales - as derived from the discovery by Sir Isaac Newton that the geometry of the chromatic spectrum for white light as measured by the rainbow sequence of seven degrees of color are numerically derivative from the harmonic geometry of the decimal system series based on the 12th Root of 2.
Newton was the first MusicScientist to discover that the correct harmonic origin of the Chromatic and Diatonic Scale - derived from the irrational decimal expansion of the square root of two...from which the Decimal and Harmonic Code of the Cosmos can be derived. It is a Harmonic Universe...everything exists as an element in the harmonic state of the Universe - A Variation and Improvisation on The Golden Theme...
(To Be Continued...)

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