Born and raised in Kalamazoo, and best served with a glass of whiskey, Megan Dooley has been performing in and out of West Michigan and the U.S. for almost 23 years. Her music is an intelligent blend that bridges the gaps of soul, blues, folk and americana. Drenched in modern day grit and served with a generous helping of attitude, Dooley's strong vocal melodies and inimitable professional whistling, described as "Pure as birdsong, and expressed with great musical aplomb", have helped her define her musical prowess. Dooley is also a multi-instrumentalist, writer, event and festival coordinator, stage manager, open mic host, activist and chef, whose singular songwriting skills have captured audiences near and far. Her most recent album "Made In Kalamazoo" sold 4,500 copies regionally after it's release, and was the #1 selling album (local and national) for two years straight at Kalamazoo's Greenlight Music and Video (available for download on all platforms). Recently Dooley earned the 2

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