"It's easy to see why this writer is getting cut. Excellent form, pictures, presentation." -Janet Fisher, Goodnight Kiss Music Best Demo of 2008, Music Connection Magazine Songwriter/Astronomer Marc Kuchner writes breathtaking country and pop songs and collects outstanding material from other writers that can help launch your career as a recording artist. Working on a recording project? License original songs and get backing tracks here.

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9/10/09 "True Love" used on P. Diddy's MTV show "Making The Band".

11/19/07 Kuchner has 7 "hit grade" songs according to Platinum Blue Music Xray.

4/2/07 Kuchner signs publishing deals with Nashville publishers My 3 Kids Music.

3/28/07 Marc has 3 songs in the Garageband Country top 20: "Curiosity", "I'm Still Growing Up", and "Start Now"

3/7/07 "Start Now" took 2nd place in the 2007 Billboard Songwriting Contest, in the Country category.

NASA? Or Nashville?

It's not rocket science. That's what some people say about country music. But Marc Kuchner, country songwriter and NASA astrophysicist, has a different point of view.

"Deep down, songwriting and astronomy are similar; they are both about seeking the truth," says Kuchner. "In astronomy, the answers are out there far away. When you are writing a song, the truth is hiding inside you."

Kuchner's songs certainly seem deep and cosmically significant; his song, "Fired", sung from the point of view of a loving wife whose husband has just lost his job, is the perfect anodyne for these tough economic times. His song, "Curiosity", about a failed romance between a boy and a girl of different races, resonates in a country that's just elected its first black president.

Kuchner's scientific work is a bit farther from everyday life. He says, "I work on understanding images of planetary systems around other stars." Kuchner has a Ph.D. in astronomy from Caltech, and a reputation for scientific creativity as the inventor of "Carbon Planets", hypothetical planets that can have thick layers of diamond.

What's it like competing in these two fields, traditionally considered to be challenging tests of intellect and perserverance? Kuchner says, "Astrophysics is not easy. But I think songwriting is harder." In any case, the odds of success in either field are similar. There are roughly 30 new jobs each year in the United States in the whole field of astronomy (including astrophysics). That's about the same as the number of new hit songs each year.

Kuchner doesn't have a number one yet, but two of his songs received airplay this year, and his song "Start Now" was chosen as the best demo of 2008 by Music Connection Magazine. You can hear Kuchner's songs on the albums of rising country stars Taryn Cross, Chelesea Music, Brynn Marie, and many others.

But country music? How does such a rustic art form appeal to someone with such a highbrow and high tech bent? "I used to work in Mad Dog recording studios, where [Country legend] Dwight Yoakam was recording. It turns out Dwight was a big fan of film noir and Woody Allen; there really are no boundaries anymore!"


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Some really great music here.

over 30 days ago to Marc Kuchner Music

Marc, I haven't listened to all your songs but I absolutely adore Shades of Grey. Is your song going to be part of the soundtrack? Oh, I know...everything is "secrecy" surrounding this upcoming film. You are mega-talented!

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Marc Kuchner Music
over 30 days ago

Hi Susie--
Thank you! Did you get an mp3 of it? If you send me your email I could send you a free one. Marc

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