MESSER started writing late July 2009. This Dallas, Texas group has raised the attention of industry and fans alike.
Although some bands prefer not to be compared to anyone, MESSER finds that fans of STP and Alice in Chains candor, Velvet Revolver's swagger and the grind of Motley Crue's music are taking notice. Their music can be described as a nod to the 90's, with their roots firmly planted in the present while still honing their original sound for 2011 and beyond.
Together Maddox - Bass/Vocals, Javier Contreras - Guitar/Vocals, Dereak - Lead vocals, and Kenn Youngar - Drums, provides somewhat of a local super group assault on the senses.
Messer's industry buzz is not only from popularity of their former bands and live stage show, but from a cult following of their reality show castings. This is a band that thinks outside the box and nothing is impossible and everything is attainable if you have the desire.
It's easy to see from the reaction and number of fans coupled with the
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