NAME: Mars Homeworld
OCCUPATION: (De)Composer
BUSINESS: Dead House Music /
BIO: Mars is a musician with several lifetime's worth of experience. His specialties include Funeral Dirges, Tragic Serenades, and Campfire Sing-Alongs.
HOBBIES: Grave robbing, Nocturnal Endeavers, Midnight Movies, Hunting Humans, Mirror Smashing.
STATUS: Presumed (Un)Dead

Bio: Born into a family of musicians; Mars is a multi-instrumentalist who began performing professionally at the age of 13. He has played with Symphony Orchestras, as well as Jazz, Worldbeat, and Rock bands on tours through Europe, Canada, and the United States.
He has logged countless hours in recording studios as a session musician, and is himself an accomplished studio engineer with a critical ear for detail. Having grown weary of the road; Mars turned his attention towards composing film scores in late 2004. Soon after, he decided to combine his two greatest loves: music and films. Thus was born Dead House


Combining passion and professionalism, Dead House Music's resident (de)Composer, Mars, has built a solid reputation as a musician who consistently delivers what filmmakers want... On time, on budget, and stylistically on target.
Mars is a multi - instrumentalist who has performed with symphony orchestras, as well as jazz, metal and goth bands on tours through Canada, and the United States. He is an accomplished session musician, and recording engineer. Having grown weary of the road, Mars decided to combine his two greatest loves; music and horror films, founding Dead House Music in 2005 as a company specializing in original, high quality music for independent genre film. Having subsequently worked with clients in Scotland, England, New Zealand, Canada, The Czech Republic, and all over the US; Mars has never looked back.
With 28 projects (feature films, shorts, TV programs, DVD, and video games) to his credit to date; Mars has worked with genre veterans, as well as talented young directors alike. His music has been featured in films that have received theatrical release, as well as projects that have secured worldwide distribution on DVD, Video-On-Demand, Internet, and Television.

"Ive had a life-long love affair with things that go bump in the night, explains Mars, I remember being captivated by monster movies at a very young age. I saw all the classic Universal horror films on late-night television, and I was hooked. The appreciation of that gothic aesthetic has endured into my adult life, and helped shape the person I have become."

Mars has appeared in many online publications such as,, Dread, as well as a feature interview in Canadas Rue Morgue magazine. In, 2006, an interview with Mars for Fangoria TV ran in over 50 theaters across the US, as part of the pre-show entertainment before Fangorias advance screening of The Descent(Lions Gate Films).

He has appeared as a featured speaker at numerous horror events alongside genre legends such as Tony Todd, Tony Moran, Lloyd Kaufman, Debbie Rochon, veteran composers Richard Band & Stephen Parsons, with many appearances yet to come.

"I feel like a man on a mission. A great movie score can stand on its own, without the relying on flavor-of-the month bands to attract interest. Im doing my best to return the horror score to its rightful place as genuinely well crafted and respected music."

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