Welcome to my site. Feel free to look around a lil. The site is under construction so check back often for cool updates. After a long break to concentrate on producing some other projects, I am back and playing again. I have written several new songs and am actually, FINALLY, going to record and release an album. I dont know how long I will be playing again, but for now I am enjoying it. Thanks to everyone who pushed me to start up again, you know who you are.

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The studio has been up and running now for 1 year. Have recieved great reviews and some cool local rewards. Thanks to everyone who has worked with us to spread the love for local music,


At 9 years old after losing his father to a tragic automobile accident Lucas began playing guitar to fullfill his fathers wish for him to become a musician one day. With the support of his mother and friends he then went on to study many genres of music, such as, jazz, hip hop, r & b, rock, and more. Music became the main focus in his life through high school and on recieving numerous awards for his accomplishments musically. At the age of 14 he began songwriting and went through many musical styles before finally finding his forte.
Finding comfort in the subtleness of acoustic guitar he began to mold his own style of pop rock, taking peices from artists he had known and loved. After high school he traveled to many different places testing the waters. From playing to huge audiences to small gigs in coffee shops he fell in love with playing solo acoustic. "It is easy to get a bunch of guys together and play music, its being up there alone, the bare bones raw emotion of every song and note, now that takes balls"
Lucas is currently recording his first full legth record in Madison WI. It is entitled "Songs I Like to Sing" and is due for release in the summer of 2005.

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