The City of Indianapolis was once the hotbed of a thriving jazz music scene. Indiana Avenue became a well known strip for renowned jazz artists to strut their stuff and in time the city gave birth to some promising young talent of it's own. There too, was a young male vocal who was chomping at the bits for their break. The group was known as, " Pure Velvet". Including in this touted talented group of vocalists was L.E. Coleman. Blending soul and Jazz he created a sound of his own and returned to the music scene in 2006. In January 2006 L.E. gain recognition as one of the best kept secrets from Naptown as he was featured in January 2006 as 99.5 WZPL's Homegrown Buzz of the week after the release of his first solo album titled OH! Since that time L.E. has composed some of the best instrumental tracks which can be used for television and film.
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