Larry Killip is a songwriter/live performer/producer operating from his home based pro studio in Auckland New Zealand. He runs his own company producing music and sound design for television programs and commercials, some of Larry's jingles have become so well known he likes to call them 'household hits".

Larry has always produced his own music and has releases starting in the days of vinyl 45's progressing through to his third album out now. In 1999 Larry was awarded best male vocal in the Sth Pacific International Song contest as well has having one of his songs reach 2nd place pop/Rock. This year two of Larrys songs "I Wanna Be Free" and "First Time" made it into the Cashbox Magazine Indie Pop Charts.

Larry writes and produces all his own material, standards are high and his unique voice stands out. His music is melodic pop/rock with strong hooks and well produced sounds. Larry plays a 1968 gold top Les Paul as well as most other instruments on his recordings.

Latest News

I Wanna Be Free reaches Number One on Cashbox Magazine Pop-Picks charts Feb 2008.

About Larry Killip

Joined a band a long time ago and incredibly, to me, I am still here and making music.

Who wants to know? well occasionally maybe someone does but meanwhile I just keep moving forward getting better at writing and recording songs all the time.

There's a million or more of us out there, but musical suprise is just around the corner, I am suprised almost everytime I connect.

I write songs for those that love a great song whatever decade it came from, it's all about the human experience.

I sincerely hope you like my music.
In any event, happy listening.

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