Key is one of the most refreshing and important "new" artists in Hip-Hop to come about in a long while. Long considered to be "I" in Northwest Hip-Hop group Central Intelligence, Key brings depth, emotion, honesty and clarity to his new solo debut effort, "Therapy".

Championing the position of "regular guy", Key opens himself up to his listeners by challenging the things that make him the artist and person he is today. His music is devoid of typical vehicles of expression and excess so often found in mainstream Hip-Hop/Rap music. Those looking for a change in today's Hip-Hop music may find welcome one waiting to be unlocked in Key.

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"I write in search of clarity, frustrated by the b.s. I hear so these words are therapy...” Thus begins a poignant segue into the debut album from Seattle’s Hip-Hop artist Key.

If Therapy were presented as mere words on paper, they would read as intimately as a journal entry. A personal chronicle of Key’s life and lessons, this album grants the listener a glimpse into his doubts and insecurities, pains and joys. Such openness is a rare commodity in Hip-Hop, thus Therapy offers an unusual but welcomed insight into Key’s humanity.

Key recognized at an early age that he wanted to be involved in the music scene. At fifteen he wrote his first lyrics and he credits Big Daddy Kane as being the artist who first, “…made me want to pick up a pen and create…” With varied musical influences such as KRS-1, Prince, A Tribe Called Quest and Quincy Jones, it’s easy to understand why Key is considered a nonconformist.

“This project touches on anger, happiness, struggle and more; it’s intensely personal. I’m a normal guy with normal problems. I don’t want to be yet another rapper offering an album glorifying the assumed thug life associated with Hip-Hop music…”

While Key’s approach is naturally unapologetic, Therapy nonetheless invites the listener along for an intriguing ride. Considering himself a “regular guy”, Key verbalizes circumstances that all people can relate to. From being broke to problems in the workplace, he attempts to bridge the gap in communication and lend a voice to the “misunderstood.” Daring to discuss negatives such as the use of the “N-word” and other stereotypical stigmas, Therapy explores how these inner-city social issues effect the psyche of urban city youth. This project manages to seamlessly blend these concerns with Key’s own emotions and personal adversities.

Seven years ago Key, along with Diopolis and Citizen Cain, started the Seattle-based five-member rap group Central Intelligence. Their album C.I. was released independently in 2001 and in many local circles is considered an “underground classic”. As most of the members have recently ventured into individual projects, Key decided it was time to answer his own calling and record a solo project.

As part of Central Intelligence, Key has experienced a measure of success. He has performed at various festivals and venues throughout the Northwest as well as opened for Tyrese, Two Live Crew and DJ Quik. Therapy, however, was born out of a need for autonomy and creative freedom different than what could be expressed in a group dynamic. Consequently, fans should not look for a replica of C.I. “The general public will either relate to my album or believe my topics are crazy. Either way, this is me; un-cut…”

For those tired of the stereotypes associated with Hip-Hop, Therapy will prove that you don’t have to be a follower to create good music. Creativity and personalization are more prevalent on the album than the favored commercialism in today’s music.

Therapy is a story of sacrifice, struggle and perseverance. As music has long served as a motivational tool for Key, he is now utilizing it as a platform to connect everyday people.

SeaLevel Entertainment schedules Therapy for release in the fall of 2005. The single B-Boy Funk is set for a summer 2005 release.

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