Determined to succeed as a musicology major, Kimi is as real as it gets. True to its title, Blazin, the 2006 EP album release from Kimi inventively blazes a lyrically amusing, funky, fresh, new sound that delivers intense, high energy rhythms, and super catchy hooks. Optimisticaly, Kimi describes the album as " Outrageously Fun!!! Our team work proved to be a dream work!" Born in America, this multitalented, trilingual, 21-year-old songstress and songwriter always stays true to her Brazilian roots. In spite of her age, Kimi dedicates most of her time to making her dream of a music career come true. " I've never had anything handed to me and i'm not afraid of hard work to attaining things I really want, the good old fashion way." (I certainly appreciate and value the rewards as a result of achieving my goals) says Kimi. Starting to realize that dream as an unsigned, Pop solo artist with her first EP album, Blazin, Kimi quotes with a smile,"This is just the beginning." Although, its' been a long road for Kimi, her broad, resonant vocal range, lively personality, and everlasting faith, will sustain her. In addition, Kimi possess a down-to-earth combination of brains, witt, class, and sex appeal. Kimi acknowledges her two time Grammy award winning production team: (Producer, songwriter, arrangement, musician, and sound engineer) John D. Thomas and (Co-producer, musician, sound engineer) Rene Ogando, for their work on the Blazin EP. " I couldn't be happier with the cumulative creative efforts they provided me. Musically, they helped me grow tremendously as an artist.

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