JoJo is a multi-Instrumentalist and Vocalist. He has played guitar professionaly for many years. He is also a pro DJ with a specialty of the DJ/Band combination for gigs. As a Songwriter, He has written 100s of song and recorded for 20 years.


Beatles, Villa Lobos,Santana,Marley,Hendrix,


JoJo grew up in Berkeley, California. He was influenced by the music scene in the 70s, 80s and 90s into the 2000s playing in Showcase and Cover Bands all over the San Francisco Bay Area. At an early age he started playing Nylon string guitar and Electric. He was influenced by Flamenco/Brazilian and Classical Guitar as well as the Rock, Latin Rock and Jazz of the S.F. Bay Area. His first albums are called Bossa/Nuevo vol. 1 and 2 for the blend of Brazilian and Flamenco. Then the collaborating with Singer songwriter Rosanna Rainz he produced the album Back to Monterey. In July 2011 JoJo released the album One Hot Number. Giving it a more electric Latin Rock edge but still featuring the sweet sounds of the nylon string guitar. Almost done is the other side of JoJo which features his vocals and songwriting in the styles of Rock and Soul. Thanks for listening and support Music in the schools. JoJo Styles


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Radiation Mountain
over 30 days ago to JoJo Styles

I had a listen to Madre Mia y pues es p___ madre!! Lovely tunes and playing. Sounds crazy but Charo had an album with tunes like this one (she's a killer guitar player). You're a tasty player --all the best!!

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