Original hip-hop = Jimmy Bishop. What's good my pepoles and welcome to Jimmy Bishop.com There are alot of things in the working the New album is coming, tour dates are on the way, video footage, Jimmy Bishop logo t-shirts & hoodies for the fall and winter seasons, and the ONLY place on the internet where you can legally download my songs, it's only on JimmyBishop.com

Urban Decay Records is my indie label and I have some outstanding artist that you'll meet, greet and hear soon. My ACE IN THE HOLE is my long term friend and producer Kyle (E-9) Dailey. I also have my production team for the hip-hop superstar's yea, "Tha Wondertwinz" - Power & Miz. Pic's are on the way. I'm improving this site everyday, but I wanna hear from you what do you wanna see when you come here? e-mail me with your comments and/or ideas, I'd wanna hear what you have to say. If your an indie artist with a website hit me up with your web address so I can add you to my link page. One rule... it's gotta be HOT.

Treat Me Like Ya Bishop

I'm Jimmy Bishop, so treat me like ya "Bishop". What up's family, finally the wait is over, it's offical NOW so Philly stand UP!!! Jimmy Bishop is here, O' it's true, it's true. The NEW album project is comin'. For the record this will be the thrid full length CD that "Urban Decay Records" has released, but there was a single that started it all "It Just Don't Faze Me" and that got me signed to a indie label in Philly called 4x4 Records, then I signed with Streetsound Recording, and then I decided to DO ME FULL TIME, "Urban Decay Records" was and still is that result. I'm the C.E.O, artist, writer, songwriter, and publisher of my music. And I give you my WORD that "Urban Decay Records" will only and always release Dat Hot *hit! Now let's rap about Jimmy Bishop.

Philly is where I'm from! Jimmy Bishop, is a true "Philly Thoroughbred" born and raised in Philly and will live and die in Philly. Born in North Philly but raised up in Mt.Airy (Topside). I'm so TRUE to hip-hop, so TRUE to the point that I've been hungry many a-day, making all this happen, but it all paid off, hard work does that for you. {and I'm eating again, smile} I was born to do dis. Hip-Hop!" Every word that I speak on my CD, I wrote it, every hook that you hear on my CD, I wrote it, I CAN NOT, I WILL NOT, BITE because that ain't hip-hop, that's called rap music and I'm hip-hop 4 life. I'm really feelin' this vibe and I'm happy that your here.
Production Teams: Axis Entertainment Inc. Kyle Dailey and Mike Boykins are the driving force behind the majority of the songs that you will hear, I write em ,they produce em, "what could be betta *icth". Kyle (E-9) Dailey pushes the record button and I spit em.

Tha Wondertwinz is the other shining light in Philly on the hip-hop side of thangs what until you hear what we create.

This is HIP-HOP so in parting let me say that, "I'll keep you updated on shows, radio interveiws, and any thing that Jimmy Bishop is doing". Come out to one of my shows or events that I'm involved in, cause on da real, "I'D LOVE TO MEET ANOTHER HIP-HOP LOVER". {I'll keep you posted on shows}
No matter what they say it's 1 LOVE over here, just come correct!!


On Fire Entertainment.net The NEXT BIG THANG! And guess who's comin'4 dinner? Check me out @ Onfireentertainment.net Fella's peep the monthly calendar. All eye candy.

UPDATED:1-30-06 Real m.c.'s and R&B singer's e-mail Power and ask him to send you a sample. Power's e-mail is: Thawundatwinz@gmail.com

O' Yea:
Also log on to PhillyHip-Hop.com, click at the top of the page "music reveiws' scroll down to the P's and click on "THA POETT" {former m.c. name} a.k.a. Jimmy Bishop read the review By "Snow" and hear the song "Build Y'All".
The new album is coming soon and very soon and it will be on "Broadjam, FIRST. We'll keep you posted on upcoming radio promotions on such Philly radio station as, Power99-fm, 100.3-fm The Beat, 96.5-fm Wired and Wdas-fm. Thanks for being here and hit me up ya E-Mails, I return all E-Mails. 1. Jimmy Bishop!

Update: I GOT the deal done with The Wondertwinz and on the NEW album you'll hear why these two beat junkies are so very important to the core of hip-hop and the r&b is smokin' too, but you'll hear it for yourself very soon.
I'm NOT your hip-hop cop, I'm your hip-hop Bishop...Jimmy Bishop.

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