Jeseka Price is a Composer, Publisher & Executive Producer for PRICE ROYALTY PUBLISHING. She is the Manager to Multi-Platinum Producer/Engineer: Cortez Farris, CEO of "ROBOT CITY STUDIOS" in ATL & NYC. Jeseka was born in Wilmington, Delaware & raised in Houston,(Kingwood)Texas.

Jeseka is also the Founder of Jestificated Hip-Hop blog; Ranked Globally by and Powe106 Radio --> Jeseka began her blogging journey in 2018, initially as a creative outlet sharing her views & Passion by Writing about favorite Artists & Latest Album releases for the Hip/Hop & Trap Music Genre.

Sounds Like: Dr. Dre, J2Pricey

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Very Excited about this upcoming project/single "DANCE AWAY" by Paige Michael Williams of Broadjam! Starting Tonight at 12am the songs iTunes PRE-ORDER date begins "May 11th". Followed by the Electronic/Dance Singles official Release Date on May 21st >> STREAMING ON ALL PLATFORMS << or STREAM it here until iTunes has it up!!


Gaelic Cat
over 30 days ago to Price Royalty Publishing

Singer has a beautiful voice, great melody, very good song


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Price Royalty Publishing
over 30 days ago

Dear Cortez,

First, thank you for the very kind & brief comment. Now it's my turn to reciprocate, here goes my novel.
If there was anyone nominated for being "Amazing", well...truthfully, then it would be Mr. Cortez Farris. After-all, I learned from the best in the biz =You!

Also, I really do appreciate you & your precious time.
From the Training Days of being a Student in your wonderful Music Mentoring Program, followed by serving as an intern at Dancing Pictures with Director C.Fitz all while having the Passion, absorbing the Knowledge & gaining the Confidence needed to succeed in this Entertainment industry.

Well, it's clear as day, that all of those factors, but specifically "You & Your" willingness to teach me -definitely made a positive & powerful impact, with respect to my career in Music/Entertainment industry.

Ultimately, it led to some amazing opportunities over these past few years (which flew by so fast!!) Who would have thought I would be Managing a Multi-Platinum Producer/Engineer in addition to booking you in 2020 as a Virtual Performing Musician (during a pandemic) well it's an honor & I have learned so much from you in every aspects of the music industry for the most part, which is truly Priceless!!

I cannot thank you enough for applying the great proverb of "Each One Teach One", and at least you know that if I took the time to write it, then you know it's real :) Thnx Mentor, Business Partner & Friend!!

I am Forever Grateful, Tez!
-God Bless


over 30 days ago

I love this , all the time

Groovie Selecta
over 30 days ago

Bless up for the ratings on Groovie Selecta's ' So D Tingo'(It is wat it is)
I appreciate!

Jim Rezac
over 30 days ago

I just tried to submit to this opportunity (3 songs) I saw it yesterday....but it's not there now. any chance to still submit?

Publishing Company Is Seeking Dynamic-Original Songs That Uplift, Unite And Bring Together
Looking for: Price Royalty Publishing is Seeking Dynamic Songs that Uplift, Unite & Bring The Country Together or world for that matter. However, with the recent latest events that will have an impacting negative effect on the United States, my team and I thought it would be great to seek and find 1-2 people who could really do an amazing job with songwriting, but also delivery without placing blame or hate on either side.

Price Royalty Publishing & Robot City Studios would love to find that special vocalist, songwriter and bring their production to life with experienced mixing/mastering. Playlist pitching and promotion, publishing & distribution for a full cycle release.

This would be ideal for pitching to not only our contacts but marketing and letting the world hear, as well.
Jim Rezac 302.632.7282

Jeseka Price

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over 30 days ago


over 30 days ago

Hey!!!! nice

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