Composing Music for Film & T.V.
DATELINE/NBC, AOL Internet, Viacom
"Out of the Soot"
Short Film by Adam Rowley (U.K.) "HEADS UP" (MusicBox Dancer)
Since there are many Composers whose names are Jason Bush, I am re-inventing myself as "Jay Tyler Bush" since many Actors, Artists & such with 3 names are usually very successful. And to not be confused with these other Talented Artists.

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Tracks & Full C.d. are available for download @ iTunes,, You may order a hard copy or a digital version of the insert of the C.D. by visiting & you will receive an interactive c.d. full of information.
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The Staff @ LaserDog Records

Jason Bush

My Music has been on DATELINE/NBC, HBO Specials,Sirius Sat radio, "OUT OF THE SOOT" tribute-9/11, Alternative Associates Adsvertising(U.K.).
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Composer Film T.V.

Composer of Music for Film & T.V. & Multi-Media
Sound Designer

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If you have time check out my new recording.
New songs coming out next week.
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still chained to the trusty Mac Pro....Makin Music...

I have not been here on Broadjam very often. Since in Novenber when my piece "Machine Of Malice" was in the Top 10 of the New Age-Progressive Chart - I must be Loyal to the site. Thank You All for putting me on the Chart. A Very Pleasant Surprise. Peace; J.T.B.

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NamaStay To All....

or Namastae....

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Clean Clean

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