Jane's new project, "Low-Backed Dress" is due out in June 2007! The new songs plus new versions of old favorites showcase Jane's stellar lead vocals and also allow her to create moods and evoke emotions with her ounique background vocal arrangements. Her jazz/rock musicians play with energy and creativity, and Jane rises to the occasion with her own piano and keyboard work.

Smooth yet powerful vocals and emotional intelligent lyrics mark the songs of Jane Brock. Living near Nashville but not part of the country scene, Jane enjoys performing live in the competitive Nashville songwriting community, and is developing a strong following as well as new interest in her audience. In addition to local "songwriter night" events and private parties, Jane has played several times at the famed Bluebird Cafe.

"...beautiful compositions...including her original tune "Does the Dark Seem Deeper Tonight?"...South Cheatham Advocate newspape

Here's The Latest!

Hey All!
Fett and I are finalizing the mixes right NOW, followed by mastering, then manufacturing, then...POOF! The new CD project will be yours for the asking! Keep your ears open for the new tracks from "Low-Backed Dress", due out in May, 2007!

April 11, 2005 UPDATE

As of April 11, "I'm Not Afraid To Fall" again hit the Broadjam Top 10 lists!

COUNTRY--The Broadjam Country and Country Contemporary charts welcomed the song back on at #7 and #2, respectively. And "If You'd Be So Inclined" is still charting on the Country Alternative list at #3.

PRODUCTION--"I'm Not Afraid To Fall" entered, for the first time, the Production Top 10 charts, at #8 for Production, Mid-Tempo; and #5 for Production, Female Vocal!

TENNESSEE Top 10--"I'm Not Afraid To Fall" entered the TN Top 10 at NUMBER 1!!

REGIONAL Top 10--"I'm Not Afraid To Fall" entered this chart at #2!!

Broadjam Top 10s

Jane's songs continue to make the Broadjam Top 10 listings:

In January, 2005, Jane began opening up her songs for review on Broadjam. Within a few weeks, her songs became featured in several of the Broadjam Top 10 listings.

Tennessee Top 10--"I'm Not Afraid To Fall", a pop-country tune with a popular ear-grabbing intro, was the first of Jane's songs in this category. It stayed for about 2 weeks, followed quickly by the sexy, bluesy "Blue Jean Meow", the evocative "Roxanne Is Really Not My Name", and the poetic "If You'd Be So Inclined (acoustic version)", which peaked at #2 for weeks and later advanced to the Regional Top 10. (Note: Jane has since re-done and re-uploaded her vocal for "I'm Not Afraid To Fall", so check out the new and improved version.) And most recently, entering the Tennessee Top 10 at #8, is "The Girl With the Melting Heart", Jane's take on classic pop/jazz standards from the style of the 40s.

Genre Top 10s--The sassy and jazzy "He Hasn't Met Me Yet" entered the Country-Alternative category in January 2005 and remains there hovering around #5 and #6. A differently produced "If You'd Be So Inclined" also entered the Country-Alternative chart at #10 and has moved already to #9 within a short period of time. Interestingly, "If You'd Be So Inclined (acoustic version)" has been placed in the Pop Top 10 as well, moving quickly from #10 to #9 in the Pop Top 10 and from #3 to #2 in the Pop-Alternative category.

Regional Top 10--As of yesterday, "If You'd Be So Inclined (acoustic version)" has reached the Regional Top 10! Despite its poetic lyrics and subtle piano instrumentation, this song shows lots of strength and life as it continues to stay in the charts and cross genres. Listeners and reviewers give it consistently high ratings, so Jane has done something really right with this song!

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