James is a singer/songwriter worth listening to. Classically trained from a young age, James became recognized as a vocal talent early on, and continues to be recognized for his vocal talent, as well as his songwriting, evidenced by his receiving the 2001 SSA Male Vocalist of the Year Award, and the 2004 Spiritual Song of the Year Award for his piece, "I Believe".

With the release of his debut CD, James has been appearing on numerous Top 10 lists, has sung for the Grammy Committee and continues to perform in his home state of Florida. Since his CD is the more "polished" and studio version of his music, James is looking forward to the "Artist's Cut" CD due out in the not-too-distant future.

While not engaging in his love of music, James can be found either at home with his beautiful wife, Carla and their two boys Joshua and Caleb, or leading others to renewed health and fitness through his company, The Tampa Bay Adventure Boot Camp.

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James has been awarded the "SSA 2004 Spiritual Song of the Year Award" for his song "I Believe".

James also had the pleasure of being invited to sing for a Grammy workshop right in the Tampa Bay area...with invitation by none other than Grammy winning producer/engineer Roger Nichols (John Denver, Steely Dan, among others).

After a hiatus that spanned a few years, James is back performing at local venues and preparing to record an acoustic CD of both newly written and classic songs!

Great things are happening!

Good things are happening...stay tuned!

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James began as a vocalist in the Classical arena and soon found that the Bluegrass and Country music influences of his youth could no longer be ignored. What resulted is an almost polished contemporary folk sound that has yet to be "boxed". James music, like himself, is genuine and honestly artistic.

A songwriter for many years, James has written for hire and has had the pleasure of hearing his work on national radio stations. James? live performances have included everything from Northeast Christian Conferences to the Crazy Horse Saloon in California and a myriad of coffee houses and intimate settings throughout the Tampa Bay area.

James' debut CD emerged in late 2004 and boasts the inclusion of such artists and musical legends as Jim Keltner, Gumbi Ortiz and Roger Nichols.

Despite the joy of offering such a polished piece of art to his fans, James is looking forward to the debut of his more acoustic endeavor due out in the not-too-distant future.


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