I have been playing violin since 1966. I was classically trained in school and privately where I grew up in Arvada Co.
Early on I realized I could pick out a tune and play it.
But it wasn't until my 30's I started training my ear, and got to the place I am now, where I can just step in and play with almost anyone in a jam session.
I am proud to say I have recorded and had collaborations with many musicians in northern Colorado because of that training.

My first solo album came many years ago called "Mystical Moments A Sign Of Things To Come".
My first band that I started was a Celtic Gypsy band called "Jacie McConnell And An Shee Eilee" releasing a 5 song album.

So now over ten years later I have been learning on my own how to play the Tenor Guitar (4 strings).
I have been singing some and continue to write songs for violin as well as Tenor Guitar and voice.
My new album "Pieces Of Me" is set to be released in the Fall .

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