SINGER/SONGWRITER/PRODUCER Jay Brown began to play professionally when he was 14. A. It wasn’t long before Jay became a weekly figure on “The Clay Plaza Jamboree”, a radio program in Atlanta. Jay finally arrived in Nashville in 1975. Patsy Bruce of LSI Publishing presented him with a writers’ contract. In 1995 Jay’s band opened for Blood, Sweat and Tears at the Pensacola Spring Fest. His solo act garnered much notoriety with regular appearances at Trader Jon’s and McGuire’s (Outlaws). In the summer of 1999, Jay moved to Nashville and continues to pursue his dream on a full-time basis. Currently, Jay enjoys and appreciates writing with such talents as Jimbeau Hinson, Freddy Weller, Gilles Godard, Rick Holt, Eddie Burton, Scott Eversoll, Ronny Miller, Willy Mack, Joe Hogue, Scarlett Pomers, and many, many new writers just starting out.

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