Well I'm Julio Velasquez Luttrell current age 16. I'm mixed race I am part Black, Mexican, Native and, White live with mom still and record my music at my uncles. I first started rapping around age 12 me and an old friend use to rap songs we have heard than we would mix up the lyrics sometimes with our own. I first started writting lyrics around age 12 I wasnt so good at it. Through Jr.High I would just rap but in 7th grade I started to record I would record sometimes with my friend Garrett May. We rapped with each other up to now. But like I said through Jr High I rapped didn't have a pro mic till 9th grade beginning of 2010. I use a Samson Usb Condenser Studio microphone the c01u. I do Gangsta rap and Underground hip hop some grime. Well thats all you should know lol peace.


Hey I'm J-49 real name Julio Valesquze Luttrell. I'm currently 16 years old now my race is Multi-Racial. Well I started off as a little with just some of my uncles bone thugz and tupac cds and WillSmith of course. I really didn't get into rap/hiphop till I was in 2nd grade. What made me get into it was NELLY forgott the song but I remember watching his music video on MTV. In 3rd grade I started getting into it more listening to 50Cent and G-unit. I would always listen to 50 never really listened to anything else. If I rolled in the car guess who was playin 50Cent. He became a inspiration to me so I started just spittin rymez off the top of my head. Sooner though I got outta rapping got into gang activity which was one of the dumbest moves I've made so far. Reason for me taking part in gangs was I thought it was cool and would be all fun. But later on into 4th grade me and my friends and some of their friends all gatherd together and started up the only Crips gang in the school. At the time of that we all would pick on kids around the playground and would beat up on them and claim little teritories. Now we wasnt harden thugs but we did shit that got us introuble. 5th grade got switched up with some differnt kids so couldn't see my old crew. So I met up with an old friend I knew since Kendergaren his name was Dylan Earl Felton. We was the best of friends always stood by each other had our little fights here and there but we always stood side to side never losing friendship. He was like a brother to me and also a very good friend. Me him and my friend Brandan Raymond Brough started a more serious Crips gang. We always ran the streets looking for other gangs so we could bang on em and just cause trouble. In those times I started up rapping again with my friend Brandan than like 3rd grade I gave up on it for gangs. During 6th grade I started to not care bout gangs and than I got back into the rap game. What I used to record with was a desktop microphone cause relatives didn't wanna buy a real one thought they was to much money so I dealed with what I had. Than got to rapping with a old enimie but he gave up after a few weeks so I was left alone than I gave up. Got back into rapping in 7th grade started taking it more seriously. Than 8th grade I was still in it started rapping with people from Red Lake Minnesota than got connects with people for more collabarations. Than in the beginning of 9th grade got a uni mic than a vocal mic now I have a PROFESSIONAL SAMSON CONDENSER STUDIO MICROPHONE. I HAVE A MINI STUDIO SET UP IN MY UNCLES PLACE AND ONE IN MY APT. NOW I RECORD PRO MUSIC I DO UNDERGROUND HIPHOP AND GANGSTA/HORRORCORE RAP. But I would like to thank you who ever read this and keep listening to my music. ( R.I.P. DYLAN EARL FELTON DECEMBER 21ST 1993-JULY 7TH 2009 ).

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