Idea Garage is a dream that everyone has. You start up a band and practice in the garage. You write songs that start in the garage. Ideas born in the garage. Its an American thing - but is universal to the world.

Idea Garage is releasing great music for great times. Some is pop, country, country rock, Americana, classic rock, punk, alternative, STORY SONGS, and even rap. You will learn to love us. Great songs, great music, great times.



HOMBRE is riding a new wave of classic rock with country stylings. Americana overtones shade the backgrounds with a rogue sound. Vocals and songs are the focus. Every song is a single. A true fusion of world country rock.


Rock and Roll is a thing. It is a life. It takes young kids with passion and drives them though their teens. You pick up a few tricks and you start to sound unique. You start to develop a sound. If you're lucky you get discovered by somebody. It's the luck of the draw. You play with the best. You ride the storm. You meet new players. You are Rockhill.

The careers of the members of Rockhill span over two (2) decades with highlights such as MTV videos, CashBox top 40 hits, and performances with major recording artists.

  • Member Since: 2006
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