S-QUIRE is an R&B/NEO-SOUL vocal group that has extensive background in Gospel music They have travel the inner circle of chicago performing in various talent shows and showcases this talented vocal group write and sings also have production talent their exciting and great music touches and sooth your soul when looking for great music and new music check out their sound you won't be dissappointed. their sound is uniqueand will take R&B to another level exspecially for music lovers, who love old schoolmusic with a new school twist, don't believe me just try it their influences are boys2men, silk, guy, blk street, dave hollister, joe, stevie wonder, marvin gaye, aaron hall, R. Kelly just to name a few production influences are baby face, pharrell, timbaland, r. kelly teddy riley, just to name a few want to be a fan of new and hott music hey your at the right page.....

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we will be posting music real soon. hey dont forget to tell a friend to check it out....
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