My birth name is Teagus Coleman AKA "IICON", I was born in Chicago Illinois.
I am now Currently living in L.A , California
I'm a Producer, Song Writer & Rap Artist. I've been doing music for the past 16 yrs.

All About IICON

Who I am And what I do. My birth name is Teagus Coleman. I was born June 20, 1980 an raised on the southside of of chicago, I'm 26 years old and the oldest of 4, I have two younger brothers And one sister.

What more can I say? Music has been my first love for as long as I could remember, it started when I was around 8 or 9 years old, I wanted to be in a talent show but I did'nt know what to do, so I told my "OG" (MOTHER) that I wanted to be a part of this talent show an that I wanted to rap like all the other rappers around that time who was inspiring, rappers like Curtis Blow, The Suger Hill Gang,Run DMC ,Eric B & Rakim and bunch of other rappers that to me was like philosophers in the rap game, but believe or not my "OG" (MOTHER) Wrote a rap my very fistrst , the rap was about friends and the way they way they do you wrong after you've done so much to trying to help them out. The rap was Actually about one of her friends and how they"d done her wrong after she took her in,. I'm Now living in Los Angeles CA
Where i"m in the process of building my own Independent Record label & Home Recording Studio. I'm a Artist/Writer and Producer who's on a mission an I wont stop until I reach my goals and even then, I'll keep going. PEACE....

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