I have been featured on albums with Max D. Barnes, Vern Gosdin, Dan McCorrison, Bobby Bare, George Jones, Joe Sun and others. Invited to tour Europe for one of Europe's largest record labels Intercord, earned a Billboard Single of the Year award for work with Earl Thomas Conley and have been songwriting most of my life.

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Work is progressing in the studio on my new CD "Foot On The Floor".

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"Music connects people who will never meet, uniting them in the most profound and unforgettable manner, in a place they cannot see nor touch, but that they can feel as nothing else. What kind of a miracle is that"?
Singer/songwriter and producer Hollister (MD) Morgan began his first serious attempts at songwriting in 1972 while performing on the streets of San Francisco writing about that experience and events he saw occurring in Inverness, Point Reyes and Bolinas.
He released a single, "Ballerina" on Decision Records in 1978 which was the first commercially released signed limited edition 45 rpm record (according to Jerry Osborne's Goldmine), the inspiration for which was an exotic dancer in a seedy downtown San Diego strip joint. That year he was asked to write and produce a tribute song (For Every Star That Rises) for "To Elvis: Love Still Burning", the world's first commercially released picture disc.
He produced and was featured on the album "Song of the American Trucker" released in 1979 by Lakeshore Music & Big Wheels Records, along with Max D. Barnes and Dan McCorrison and others.
The following year he was featured (Out On The Road Again) with Max D. Barnes, Vern Gosdin, Dan McCorrison, Bobby Bare, George Jones, and Joe Sun on a very successful greatest country hits album released in Europe by Intercord. He was invited to tour Europe with some of those artists by the tour's sponsor West.
During that time he was working in Nashville at Sunbird Records with Nelson Larkin and Earl Thomas Conley. While there he co-authored several songs with writer Glen Barber Jr for CBS Songs Publishing and also co-wrote with Billy Larkin. Later during a second stint in Nashville he co-wrote with Max's sister, Ruthie Barnes-Steel and cut demos for her, himself and others.
In 1999 he had multiple cuts on "One for the Road", a soundtrack CD released for Reelife Records with the award winning documentary "A Mistress Called The Road". The documentary was one of the most successful independent home video releases ever and earned 7 major awards and was broadcast on PBS.
In 2001 he was the Music Supervisor and created much of the soundtrack for the Discovery Health documentary "The Tom Whittaker Story; One Step at a Time" which was broadcast worldwide for many years.
He released the 12 song CD "The Garage Demos" in 2013 on All Night Garage Records, and is currently working on a CD of new material.
"Songwriting for me is just an essential process like breathing. I write because I have to and I don't do it for fame or fortune or hits or anyone else. I love the process and the discovery and the joy and the need of it. If anyone finds something in my work, well that is just a bonus and an added joy. And thank you for it if you do".


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Hollister Morgan
over 30 days ago to Hollister Morgan

I want to share my FB post today. Please share and repost as often and in as many ways as you can. Thanks.

"While we are on the subject of musician's income, we as musicians are missing the boat. Even if our fans won't support us, we can support one another. The most destitute among us can afford to spend ten dollars a month. Pick your favorite ten musicians and buy one download a month from each of them. When you run out of their tunes, pick another and so on. And you fans, please do the same. This is important. Most of us have at least 1,000 fans. Some many times that. If you all bought one download a month, your favorite acts would at least be making around $1,000 a month. A living it isn't, but it is one hell of a cushion, and it's a start. So folks, a buck a month. I know you can listen endlessly on the net for free, but at some point we all need to survive."

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Donovan Tucker
over 30 days ago

great idea Hollister!

Ed Verner
over 30 days ago to Hollister Morgan

Reading your bio made me recall a quote of mine from long ago "A Songwriter is not simply anyone able to write a song, rather someone who is unable to resist writing one." God Bless

Ed Verner
over 30 days ago to Hollister Morgan

wow... cool production, and great voice... reminds me of Gordon Lightfoot

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