As a child Gerson loved to sing every chance he got. Sang for small family groups school acts,TV shows and others. Vocally, he is more grounded than ever after taking daily lessons with various vocal trainers in N.Y.C. Now, he has the ability with his voice to be charming, evocative, rhythmical and sometimes danceable. He sings with macho sensitivity and an appealing musical aggression that can leave a listener surprised, unarmed, and waiting, sometimes breathlessly, for more.

Bravo to Gerson, and to the multicultural background that brought this kind of musical charm to New York and hopefully the world beyond.

Gerson, as proved with his CD, INFLUENCES. He is a hot and hip expatriate who is a Latino/English heartthrob. His music combines romantic warmth and charm with tantalizing lyrics, danceable music, a solid and sometimes inspired sense of musicality.

Expect to be seduced—it’ll happen—and to be entertained by this wonderful mixture of musical styles .


Gerson is a singer/songwriter currently living in New Jersey. After graduating from Queens College, he moved to New Jersey to meet other musicians in Philadelphia where he records his songs.

Gerson started to sing when he was about four years old.
" I can't live without music, I rather be dead" is his favor expression. His music influences include Pavarotti, Luis Miguel, Christian Castro, Andrea Bocelli, America, Eagles, Led Zeppelin and many more. Thanks to his singing talent, he makes many lives around him smile and enjoy music, and intends to continue to do so with more devotion after his New CD release "Reflections".

Currently, he co-writes with various talented producers in Philadelphia, LA, and Fl. Although his roots are placed mainly in romantic ballads and Latin music, he enjoys all music styles. He has an extreme vocal range and that makes him sing any music style there is, including opera.

Gerson co-owns a prestige sound recording studio is Philadelphia and co-engineers his own music along with other Engineers. " I love the process of track recording, I just love it".

His dream is to touch people's hearts with his music. He doesn't care about fame and if fame comes alone, he knows how to cope with it and also how to keep his feet on the ground. "Fame is not my aim in life, it's singing what makes me happy".

Gerson is enjoying his new songs and loves to spend time in the studio where he writes his material. He is eager to go out there and be heard. And for sure that his future looks very promising.


Gerson's voice is one that hits your soul. He sings from his heart the a singer should entertain their audience. Great control of his voice and commanding notes. His CD is so well put together and enjoyment to listen to. Hugs to him.

Ms. Linda Hopkins.

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