Gary graduated from Indiana University School of Music. He taught public school music in Louisville. He played with the Spokane and Louisville Symphonies. His music has been performed in ensembles from Washington to Argentina, Russia and other countries. He has played in ensembles from single to symphony; from rock to country to classical. He has written eight musicals and three screenplays as well as two concertos and hundreds of pieces of music. His musical Christmas on The Concourse premiered in Spokane in December 2014. He released his 14th CD, a bilingual album called Almor, Life Y Chupacabra Songs featuring vocalist Cuban-American Ivana Céspedes. You can get more information at

Latest News

I just released my 14th CD, a bilingual (Eng./Span.) lyrics and performed beautifully by Cuban-American Ivana Céspedes.

My Christmas Cantata is set for performance December 20th, 2022 at Chun University, 701 Scaleybark Rd. Charlotte NC at 7 pm.

Gary A. Edwards Biography

Since 1956, Gary has performed in bands of all sizes from single to symphony and many styles from opera to rock and country; to classical, choral and musical theatre.

Edwards writes for various types of groups including piano solo, cello solo, bass solo, string trio, string orchestra, youth orchestra, full orchestra, wind, band and brass ensemble, musical theater pit orchestra, rock and dance bands at all levels of difficulty.

Edwards has composed several pieces of music performed by various Coeur d'Alene (Idaho) High School musical ensembles and The Strazz Youth Orchestra of Carson City Nevada, has written eight musicals, an opera, two concertos (piano and string bass,) three screenplays, a TV sit-com and hundreds of pieces of music. He worked for years as a composer, videographer, editor and Spanish translator for CMTV Community Minded Television Channel 14 which has broadcast 64 of his videos on CMTV Channel 14 Comcast Cable in Spokane, Washington.

Edwards composes in most styles including classical, rock, country, children's, jazz, choral, gospel, Latin film, and musical theatre. His music has received airplay in Washington, Idaho and other states and countries including Columbia, Estonia and Russia. He has published 17 books.

Edwards has released 14 music CDs, two music videos and formed, a company (ASCAP) that primarily releases his music. Edwards has received three grants from ASCAP recognizing his composing contributions to the American cultural scene. He has been nominated three times for the Mayor's (Coeur d'Alene, Idaho) Excellence in the Arts Award, and once for the Governor's (Idaho) Excellence in the Arts Award.

Edwards has composed the soundtrack for produced movies including How To Date Beautiful Women and Across Bank Street: Dimensions which premiered December 5th, 2021, and composed the score for a feature film entitled Mistaken Moves, filmed by Litterateur Productions in Las Vegas. He is on the Board of Litterateur, supervising music production. His screenplay, The Prodigy received two Fresh Voices Spotlight Award Nominations including for "bridging cultures." He was the Playwright/Composer in Residence at the Ignite Theater. His musical Christmas on The Concourse ended a two-week run on December 20th, 2015 at the Ignite Theater in Spokane Valley and was a huge success. He was Composer in Residence at the Carson City Symphony's Strings in The Schools Harmonica Festival May 9, 2015 in Nevada featuring a concert of his compositions. His website contains a video of his conducting the Coeur d'Alene Symphony in an original work titled "A Prayer For Peace." He produced A Tribute To Mildred Bailey Show several times at the Coeur d'Alene Casino and other venues from November 2018 to December 2021, transcribed all the music and conducted the seven piece band. He transcribed and orchestrated the music for the SayRoar animated films studio sold-out concert by the Coeur d'Alene Symphony on 6/12/2019. He has also published 36 articles in national computer magazines. His recent major works include the Qualchan Opera and Wataino Latin-jazz-Taino inspired music CD and his bilingual music CD entitled Amor, Life and Chupacabra Songs.

After graduation from the Indiana University School of Music, Gary taught music in the Louisville, Kentucky Pubic Schools and played in the Louisville Symphony. During this time he became a Civil Rights Activist. As a Civil Rights activist he was arrested in 1998 for protesting Neo-Nazis in Coeur d'Alene, Idaho, sued the City of Coeur d'Alene and Kootenai County, the charges were dropped, the County paid $15,000 in a settlement, and Edwards won a lawsuit against the of Coeur d'Alene at the 9th Circuit Court of appeals in 2001, which cost the City $44,000.

Edwards also had a 40 year career as a licensed Social Worker. He was in the Peace Corps in Santiago, Chile. He then worked in various poverty programs in Idaho, primarily with Spanish-speaking populations. He then worked in the San Francisco Bay area as a social worker, again with primarily Spanish-speaking clients. He then worked as a Child Protection Investigator for the State of Idaho for 17 years including five years as a Child Protection, Juvenile Justice and Children's Mental Health unit supervisor. After retirement from the state he worked as a Migrant Head Start Administrator in Washington State and a paralegal for a law firm, specializing as an advocate for injured Spanish-speaking farm workers. He then opened his own Mental Health Agency working with mentally ill adults and children in North Idaho for eight years. During this time he also worked as a translator for courts in felony cases. He also translated and facilitated the publishing of a bilingual book dictated to him in Spanish entitled Hope Never Dies, by Tony Orozco.

During all of this time, Gary worked in various bands and music performance groups and composed original music up to the present.

His books, music CDS and videos are available on Amazon. Com and Email address is

Music Playlist

Gary A. Edwards (208) 699-0848
Partial Music Playlist

Qualchan Opera- Eastern Washington University School of Music students performed a concert featuring five of 27 songs from Edwards' Qualchan Opera on April 5th, 2019 at EWU in Cheney, Washington. Gary composed all the music inspired by a painting called The Hanging of Qualchan and the lyrics were inspired and adapted from the book Kamiakin: The Last Hero of The Yakamas by AJ Splawn who died in 1927. A video of five songs from Qualchan is being broadcast repeatedly on CMTV Channel 14 Comcast Cable in Spokane County starting in June 2019.
Mildred Bailey Tribute - Gary transcribed, conducted and performed as bandleader Paul Whiteman in a 15 song Tribute to Mildred Bailey at the Coeur d'Alene Tribe's Resort & Casino starting November 1st and November 15th, 2018, featuring Coeur d'Alene Tribal member Cecilia Curtis singing the role of Mildred Bailey. The show was a big success. It was also repeated at the Casino on 10/14/19 and 11/16/19. It was successfully presented in concert on 7/8/2021 at Riverstone Park.
Stealing Mona Lisa - This is a musical based on an Italian who steals the painting of Mona Lisa from The Louvre, then falls in love with the girl in the painting who starts talking to him. book by Claude Solnik, music by Gary A. Edwards. This musical is currently in rewrites awaiting workshops and previews in New York City.
Echo of the Tom Toms - Gary A. Edwards edited this journal written by Frances LeBret, a member of the Colville and Spokane Tribes in 1940 and the videotaped LeBret's grandson, Joe Lyons reading each chapter creating 21 episodes which were broadcast repeatedly by CMTV Channel 14 in Spokane Washington on Comcast Cable.
A Stitch in Time - This is a musical based on The Emperor Has No Clothes, a contemporary political satire, book by Claude Solnik, music by Gary A. Edwards. It had a public workshop on May 4, 2018 and a public preview on November 10th, 2018, November 10th, 2019 and Feb. 19th, 2020 in New York City.
Long Island Lolita - This is a musical drama, book by Claude Solnik, music by Gary A. Edwards. It has had three preview readings as of August 24, 2017 in a New York City theater.
Qualchan Opera - A two hour tragic opera about the brutal conquest of the Indians in the Pacific Northwest and their bravest hero Qualchan who came in September 1858 to Col. Wright under a white flag of truce to negotiate an exchange for his father Owhi who was being held hostage. Within 15 minutes Qualchan was hung.
Christmas on The Concourse - This is a musical comedy about people being trapped in a blizzard at an airport who use music and comedy to survive. The show premiered December 11, 2015 and ran for two weekends at the Ignite Theater in Spokane Valley, Washington. Gary wrote the original book, music and lyrics and Kim Roberts directed the show.
Qual Chan, Covered Wagons, Danger and Skiing for String Ensemble and Harmonica -It premiered 5/9/2015 at The Carson City Symphony Youth Orchestra strings and harmonica festival, Carson City NV, Sue Jesch, Director and Tom Stryker harmonica soloist. Also on the May 9th, 2015 program by the adult jazz quartet was Gary's song Happy Samba.
Rumble in The Jungle - unaccompanied tuba solo performed by Kenyon Wilson U of Tennessee tuba professor.
Basses Rule - This piece for junior and senior high school string orchestra premiered on March 19, 2014 by the Carson City NV High School Orchestra and is distributed by Imagine Music Publishers.
The Stockholm Waltz - Awarded honorable mention Fiddler Magazine's 2013 Tune-writing Contest.
Reflections - Strazz String orchestra premiered the string orchestra arrangement in Carson City NV on 3/26/2013. The Coeur d'Alene High School String Ensemble (Idaho) premiered a new version on 5/22/2013.
Lily's Sonata for viola - premiered by Nick Rosen in concert in Carson City NV on 3/26/2013.
Windows - Strazz String orchestra premiered the string orchestra arrangement in Carson City NV on 4/3/2012.
Strazz Pizzazz - premiered 8/7/2011 in the Carson City, Nevada City Park by Strazz Ensemble conducted by Sue Jesch and recorded on 12/10/2011. They also performed and recorded Mariachi Diamantes de Las Montanas.
String Bass Concerto #1 - 1st movement performed by bassist Kaylee Wood and the Coeur d'Alene High School string ensemble in concert on May 25, 2011.
A Lullaby For Kendall - 02:18 for string orchestra and piano premiered 5/19/09 by the Coeur d'Alene High School String Ensemble, Jim Phillips conductor. This piece is published by Imagine Music Publishers.
The Fort Sherman Suite; a day in the life of a soldier in 1885 - 08:23 Classical premiered on May 16th, 2007 by the Fort Sherman Symphonette and repeated in concert on May 23, 2008.
The Friendly Enemy - 1.5 hrs. Musical, drama; about war, survival and love, directed by Hershell Norwood, premiered on stage April 14 through 20th, 2008 at the Spokane Community College and on CMTV Channel 14 in Spokane on June 2nd, 2008.
Gypsy Tango for String Trio - 08:52 Classical, premiered at North Idaho Art on The Green festival by the Mica Bay String Trio on August 4, 2002 and was recorded and performed in St. Petersburg, Russia by the Nevsky String Trio. Performed for Composers Voice by the MaD Circle dance company at the Jan Hus Church in New York City on July 13, 2014 choreographed by Callie Hatchett. Val Wold video performance 5/21/09 and broadcast on CMTV repeatedly.
Prayer for Peace - 06:52 Classical; Gary Edwards conducted The Coeur d'Alene Symphony Orchestra premier 12/2/6 and 12/3/2006 at North Idaho College in Coeur d'Alene.
Meditations on Desiderata - 07:22 for unaccompanied cello premiered 6/10/07 performed by cellist Anne Nesse and narrated by Gary A. Edwards.
Fanfare and Fantasy - 07:04 Classical, premiered by the Coeur d'Alene Youth Symphony May 2007
Peace Be With You - 03:19 Rock gospel for SATB choir and piano, was performed by the Northwest Sacred Music Choral in their spring 2007 concert and other church choirs. Published by Imagine Publishing.
The Spirit of the Vikings March - 03:40 March, premiered by the Coeur d'Alene high School Wind Ensemble on May 18th, 2006.
The Coeur d'Alene Suite - 34:00 classical, a piece for string orchestra, was recorded in April 2005 and performed by the Coeur d'Alene High School String Ensemble on May 19, 2005.
The Cowboys - Classical piece (excerpt from The Coeur d'Alene Suite) performed in concerts by the North Idaho College Band in May, 2000 and the Ensamble Rosario in Rosario, Argentina in August, 2001.
The Cooker Waltz - Light classical style for Middle and High school band premièred by the Lewiston High School Band in 1990.
Happy Mother's Day - SATB choral performed by various church choirs.
Waltz and Variations in E Minor - published by JanPress for the accordion
Bad Love - Rock Christian music has received airplay in Washington and Idaho.
The Queen of Baton Rouge - has received airplay in Idaho and recorded by Dusty Klink.
Jesus - Rock Christian music has received airplay in Estonia.
Peace Be With You - Rock Christian version has received airplay in Estonia
Peace Be With You - 03:19 SATB choral performed by various church choirs. Publisher is Imagine Publishing.
Night of a Miracle - 45 minutes. Christmas Cantata (unperformed)
The Bureau-rats - 1.5 hour. musical comedy (unperformed); screenplay version also available.
The Price of Unity - 1.5 hour. Music only for a Civil War era musical.
Raindrops - 10:27 for symphony orchestra. Describes the life cycle of a raindrop musically.
Piano Concerto # 1 - 35 minutes, 3 movements, played by Val Wold, 12 year old child prodigy.
CDs including:
Amor, Life and Chupacabra Songs - Eight bilingual songs (Spanish/English) from romance to comedy.
Gary's Classical - Classical pieces performed live by various groups.
Gary's Classical Vol II - Classical pieces performed by various groups.
Gary's Classical Vol III - Classical pieces performed by various groups.
The Coeur d'Alene Suite (classical string orchestra) performed by the CHS String Ensemble.
Cast Out The Demons (R&B style contemporary gospel) featuring Wendell Noble who sings with The Platters
Sing -along With Ellie - eight original children's songs sung by 10 year old Ellie Holm.
Gary's Country - Country music performed by various artists.
Qualchan - A classical music CD featuring Tom Stryker on harmonica about the Yakama Nation hero.
Reflections - light jazz instrumental music featuring Tom Stryker on harmonica with guest artist Dewey Dorough, 4 times Grammy award winner, on sax.
TroubleClef - Rock CD featuring the Dave Holodnak band who opened for the L.A. Olympics in the 1980s.
The Windows To Your Soul - Female rock, pop, MOR CD featuring Timari.
How To Date Beautiful Women - Music CD movie soundtrack with a wide variety of genres.
Unity Consciousness - Hopi language voice and drumming by Jacob Johns. CD Produced by Gary A. Edwards
Wataino CD - Latin Jazz rock Celtic Native fusion world music mostly instrumental, co-written with Orlando Sanchez.

Soulmates - Music video and three single songs including Soulmates, Changes, Reflections Angela Tuttle singer

Video Credits

Gary A. Edwards free-lance video commercial work updated 01/08/21

Project Job(s) Employer
Across Bank Street Actor, composer, crew Nancy Hanks Productions
Sit-down Comedy Series (102) Writer, Narrator, Director Visualization for success ( 6 ) Writer, Narrator, Director
Songwriting Class 8 episodes Writer, Narrator, Director
Mistaken Move Composer for movie music. Jimmy Cullors
Monstadium video game Composer for video game Spirit Lord Studios
GoldFish Project Anim. Film Music Transcriber, Arranger. SayRoar Studios
Qualchan Excerpts Video Composer, videographer Eastern Washington University
Qualchan Lecture Video Lecturer Kootenai County Dems.
Mildred Bailey film treatment Music Transcription, Writer Edwards Music Site dot com films
Echo of The Tom Toms Series Prod., Director, composer, video CMTV (21 episodes)
Reinaldo Gil Zambrano video Prod., Director, videographer CMTV
Goodwill Commercial Actor Goodwill Stores.
Jacob Johns Art Music video Video, Produc. Editor CMTV
Soulmates Music Video Composer/Prod/Dir/Editor Edwards Record Co.
I Am A Spirit video Composer, Videographer, CMTV
Polyana perf. by Val Wold Composer, Videographer, CMTV
Karaoke Nights movie trailer Writer, Composer, Videog., CMTV
Windfall Pass Music Video Producer, Editor, video Karen Lakes, Ellwood Grove
Christmas on The Concourse Musical composer/playwright Ignite Theater, CMTV.
You'll Be Sorry (Desert Rose) Composer, Video. singer, CMTV
Strings/harmonica Festival Artist in Residence, Videograph. Carson City Symphony
PTSD Book Trailer Writer, Videog. Composer, Prod. Anna Goodwin
A Year In The Life of Unity Prod./Video/Composer/Editor Unity Spiritual Center of North Id.
Christmas at The Ignite video Producer, arranger, Music Dir. CMTV
A Christmas Pudding Music Director, guitar Ignite Theater
Woodstalk Sonic Blooms Video Producer - Editor Huck Spencer
Franklin Park commercial Principal - Doctor Ruben Leija
Faerie Kisses - children's video Videographer, Director. Ginny Taft
Anne Nesse For Congress Video Director, Producer, composer, VO. Anne Nesse
How to Date Beautiful Women Producer, Composer, Translator, Ed. Stogie Productions, LLC.
All That Jazz Music Video Producer, Videographer, Editor Bruce Pennell
PITCHING HOPE movie Composer credit Tony Mendoza
Dreamtrips Promo Video Videographer, Editor, Composer Tom Fridley (John Travolta's nephew)
First Stone Ministries Promo Videographer, Editor, Composer Becky Lee
The Shining Cuckoo Actor, recording engineer Rich Flores
The First Stone Videographer, editor Becky Lee O.
Prodigy: Documentary Director, videographer, composer self.
Work for CMTV Channel 14 Spokane, Washington from May 1, 2008 to the present.
Our Daily Bread Concert Val Wold prodigy Videographer, editor, composer
Artist's Showcase videos with Gary's music and/or editing have been broadcast repeatedly each month since May, 2009 on Channel 14.
Artist Composer Editor
Oss LaBang Schaffer Gary A. Edwards
Doyle Edwards, Gary Jeff Antilla
Edwards, Don Edwards, Gary Gary A. Edwards
Glass, James G. Edwards Gary Jeff Antilla
Moore, John D. Edwards, Gary Jeff Antilla
Ormoechea Ramirez Gary A. Edwards
Cook Thoreson Gary A. Edwards, Producer
Peterson; Dahl Lundin; Edwards Gary A. Edwards.
Fittro, Robert Edwards- Martin John Gary A. Edwards
Notar , Michael Crain, Brian Gary A. Edwards

Music Videos
Christmas on The Concourse - Ignite Theater's 12/20/2015 production of Edwards' musical.
Classical Delights - 7 groups perform Gary Edwards' classical music.
The Friendly Enemy Video - SCC live performance of April 2008 Premiere of Edwards' musical.
The Calypso Hour. Gary directed, shot, did sound and lights, color-corrected and edited for broadcast this 60 minute showcase of local original singer-songwriters.
Partners For Empowered Youth - video documentary - Gary wrote the music.
St. Patrick's Day Parade Spokane 2008 - documentary - Gary wrote Irish music.
Spokane Farmer's Market 2008 - Documentary - Gary wrote country style music.
Kids Do Better Unleaded - video documentary - Gary's music is credited.
The Friendly Enemy (2.5 hrs.) a Musical. Gary wrote the music and book for this video which has been broadcast repeatedly since May 1, 2009.
The Fort Sherman Symphonette Concert (1.25 Hrs.) featuring his piece The Fort Sherman Suite. Gary wrote the original classical music and edited this video.
Camera Operator - The Spokane Civic Forum- a monthly series where Gary has shot speeches by Bill Gate's Father, William Gates Sr. and the Mayor of Spokane, among other luminaries, since 2009.
Gary assisted with green screen shoots for PSAs and audition shots for actors.
Translator -
Ecuadorean Project - Gary edited a Spanish language interview, added English translations to subtitles and provided Spanish flavored background Ecuadorean Music for this 2 part 2:15 long broadcast.
Cantare, Cantaras - Gary translated the lyrics and created English subtitles for this music video.
PSAs - Gary edited these short green-screen, multi-clip Public Service Announcements and inserted his music A Lullaby for Kendall on the soundtracks.
Spokane Mental Health - Evergreen Club
Spokane Mental Health - Homeless Outreach
Hearing Loss Resource Association
Acting - most recent experience
Love Is Dead movie Old Curmudgeon
Coasting movie Dr. Richards Jacob Moe, Director
At Middleton movie Extra, music professor CineSon Entertainment
Silverwood Theme Park Train Robber, music composer Silverwood, Ain't It Good Prod.
Two Rivers Casino Commercial Extra Hamilton Studio
Senator Willis Mystery Dinner Theater 03/2011
Sal Spumoni Burgertown, Liberty Lake Community Theater

Musician - most recent experience
ELF musical Bass player sub Spokane Civic Theatre
A Tribute to Mildred Bailey Transcribe music, producer, conductor CDA Casino
Silverwood Theme Park Singer, guitar, player, orig. song Silverwood Theme Park
The Desert Rose Band 12 yrs. Singer, bass player, original songs. Karl Lange, drummer

Gary A. Edwards (ASCAP)
Edwards Music Publishing .Com
4580 E. Weatherby Ave.
Post Falls ID 83854
(208) 699-0848 email Website

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Gary A. Edwards
over 30 days ago to Gary A. Edwards

I am getting ready to release my new bilingual (English/Spanish) CD featuring the great Cuban American vocalist Ivana Céspedes soon. I have uploaded the artwork and mailed in the music files to the manufacturer, so the CD should be ready in about two weeks. In the meantime, you can listen and stream the songs at my website There is a great song about beautiful Puerto Rico called Borikén Land. There is a beautiful love song called Estaré Allí just in time for Valentine's Day. There are a couple of funny songs including El Chupacabra Y La Cabrota and other great songs. Enjoy!

Gary A. Edwards
over 30 days ago to Gary A. Edwards

On December 5th, 2021 I am the EMCEE at a world premiere of our new video Across Bank Street Pilot Part 1. The event will include dinner and a screening of the new short film. The event will take place at the Wallace Elks Club in North Idaho starting with red carpet interviews at 4 pm.

3 Replies

Congratulations Gary.

All the best.

Gary A. Edwards
over 30 days ago

Hello, Alvaro: Thanks. BTW, I just released two Latin CDs, one is an instrumental called Wataino, inspired by my Puerto Rican co-writer Orlando Sanchez, and the other CD is called Amor, Life and Chupabra Songs. You can hear most of them on Broadjam. Let me know what you think. Also, what are you composing these days? Send me a link. Gary A. Edwards

Thank you Gary.

Gary A. Edwards
over 30 days ago to Gary A. Edwards

I am creating a bilingual English/Spanish CD. We have finished mixing eight of the songs.

2 Replies

Wonderful. All the best.

Gary A. Edwards
over 30 days ago

If you send me your direct email address, I will side you an advance sample of my song Estare All and the lyrics and also telll me what you are working on.

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